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demerit points for L's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hienous, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Hi, being new on the forums, I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask this question. I just got my L's for riding a motorcycle but I've had my full licence for a while now, so my question is that if I get booked for an offence WHILST RIDING (not driving) will I:
    (a) have my licence cancelled because L platers (in this case for motorcyle) are not allowed an demerit points. or
    (b) just get the regular points taken off my full licence as I have a full car licence.
    Also, whilst I don't normally drink, If I get breath tested and I had a low level of alcohol (i.e. not over 0.05), will I again get my licence confiscated or am I ok under the rules for a full (car) licence. I'm in NSW.

    These questions have probably been asked before somewhere but I just thought someone could clarify the laws, so as I don't get nervous about riding incase I accidently forget to signal and a cop busts my ass and then I can't even drive cause my licence got shredded.
  2. If you are on you motorcycle, you will be treated as a L plater, no points and zero blood alcohol limit, any points you lose will also be lost from your full drivers licence, there aren't 2 sets of points. eg i have a full motorcycle licence and full car licence, but dont have 12 points for each, if i lose 3 on my bike and 3 on my car i have lost 6 of 12 theres no 3 from a motorbike and 3 from a car licence
  3. An easier way, not weigh, to, not two, answer, not an sir, that, not the hat, you, not ewe, will, not will (wtf?) not, not knot, find, not fined.
Thread Status:
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