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VIC Demerit point question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jaytee, Jun 16, 2015.

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    So .... I was having a discussion with a friend about demerit points and we couldn't agree on the outcome so i thought i'd ask here in case someone had some specific knowledge;

    Scenario: You've gone through a red light on your bike & *BAM* you're done for 3 points.

    How many points can you lose before the 3 month suspension if the following is true;

    1. You are a fully licensed driver
    2. You have a Probationary motorcycle licence

    Is it 12 points in a 3 year timeframe or the 5 points in a 12 month timeframe as you're a P plate rider and you were done on your bike?

    Does the P Plate restriction only apply to bike size / pillions and therefore not when it comes to fines.

    Any info would be cool & appreciated.

    PS: I couldn't find a resource that dealt with this scenario particularly.

  2. If you lose 12 points in a 3yr period , you get an option letter normally . 3 month suspenion or 12 month no demerit points.
  3. I'd love to get points taken off ;)
  4. In Victoria: From HERE

    In general, if you only hold a learner permit and/or a probationary P1 or P2 driver licence and you receive 5 or more demerit points in any 12 month period or 12 or more demerit points in any 3 year period, you may lose your driver licence and/or learner permit.

    If you hold a full driver licence or a full driver licence and a learner permit and receive 12 or more demerit points in any 3 year period, you may lose your driver licence or your driver licence and learner permit.

    If you have a Probationary of Learners permit on your bike you are limited by the 5 points, even if you have a full Car license and you will be suspended, I believe, for both licenses. You will be offered the 1 point 12 month option. From Road Safety Act 1986 Section 25 3
  5. As far as I know, if you're on your full drivers license on a car, on a motorcycle you go from Learners to "restricted". Which is essentially a full license with some restrictions on the size of bike / BAC etc (different to probationary).

    So if you're on a full drivers license, and off your motorcycle L's in Victoria, your demerit points all come from the same 12 point / 3 year bucket.
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  6. Man, if you manage to lose 12 points over 3 years, perhaps you should go back and re-take your test anyway, since you clearly have no idea what you're doing. ;)
  7. Does that wink imply sarcasm? Hope so.

    FOUR <15km/h speeding detections a YEAR will see you with a suspended license. Given the density of cameras in metro Victoria, if you drive twice a day and say six times over weekend, that's plenty of opportunity - about 1 in 208. Are you over the limit at any time during any of these trips?

    Speed cameras count every vehicle they scrutinise and they check >1m+ vehicles a month.
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  8. Get caught using your mobile once per year, thats enough to do it.
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  9. Directionally I'm more concerned about 4 distracted driver infringements than 12 creeps over some arbitrary speed limit, but the underlying point is clear - it doesn't take much to get a suspended license.

    Did you know if you that at a railway crossing, if you move forward after the boom gates go up but BEFORE the red lights go out it's a 5 demerit point infringement. FIVE!
  10. Yeah well it does say stop on flashing red light, doesn't say have a crack if the boom gates up.
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  11. LOL @ "have a crack". lol
  12. yeah, doesn't exactly reflect the relative severity of the action does it?
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  13. Of course it was sarcasm! :wacky:
    Geez, in Victoria you lose points if you sneeze while driving it seems. And losing 5 points for moving forward at the boom gates, that's insane. To be fair though, the red lights are there for a reason, but still. Five points!!
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  14. 5 points is pretty harsh considering, I guess it's a blanket penalty and is designed more for those running the red as the booms drop?

    I still see people just driving on through the red light after boom gates lights have stopped flashing completely unaware they are running a red light though. I think they stay on longer sometimes for the pedestrian crossings?
  15. Consider yourself lucky because the push was to increase the demerit points from 4 to 6!

    Word out was that Victorians are an impatient lot :whistle:

    Impatient motorists, pedestrians defying death at Victoria's level crossings
    Figures show 820 near-misses at crossings were reported, 291 of which were in 2011-12, in the past three financial years.

    FIVE people each week, on average, dice with death at Victoria's level crossings.

    And the number of recklessly impatient motorists and pedestrians is growing. In the past three financial years, 820 near-misses at crossings were reported, 291 of which were in 2011-12. Transport Safety Victoria figures show that in the three years to 2007, there had been a total of 309 near-misses.

    Of the 820 close calls, 340 involved pedestrians and 480 motorists, many of whom drove around barriers, escaping disaster by a metre. Among incidents outlined in Freedom of Information documents:

    A TRUCK driver ran a stop sign at West Melbourne's South Dynon crossing last April, forcing a train driver to brake and sound his horn; the truckie made a "rude gesture" in response.

    A WOMAN pedestrian who "didn't want to be late for work" ignored bells, lights and gates at a Hoppers Crossing railway crossing in October, 2011; the train missed her by 3m.

    THREE children played chicken with trains in Corio at the St Georges Rd crossing.

    A VT Commodore that raced over a crossing at Chiltern was missed by two engine lengths; "the car then sped to the next crossing and repeated this stunt".

    Ticket inspectors issued almost five fines a day for level-crossing offences last year, and police at least one.

    The RACV, which has long campaigned for level-crossing removal, called for the four demerit points attached to the $704 fine for failing to stop or give way at a crossing to be increased to six.

    "(This would) deter people from taking silly risks that (endanger) their lives and the lives of so many others," RACV manager (roads and traffic) Dave Jones said.

    Shorter, and then you get fined for it. Gotta love Victoria :LOL:

    Link: Safety rule at railway crossing a step to far for one commuter

    A COMMUTER has been taken to court and fined for doing what thousands of people do every day in Melbourne - walking through the open gates of an automated railway pedestrian crossing. He was fined because he crossed while the warning signals at the nearby road level crossing were flashing, which is against the law.

    The matter went to the Werribee Magistrates Court in April, where Mr Currie defended himself against the charge of ''crossing a railway line at a place … for pedestrians when a wigwag [flashing signal] was operating at an immediately adjacent vehicular crossing''.

    The magistrate found Mr Currie guilty, but reduced the penalty from $299 to $150. Mr Currie told The Age he believed the law made no sense. ''Surely when there's a crossing with both pedestrian and road signals, pedestrians only need to adhere to the pedestrian signals,'' he said.

    Public Transport Users Association president Daniel Bowen said there appeared to be ''a clear disconnect between the legislation and the way that some level crossings operate''.

    Link: Reg 235 Crossing a level crossing

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