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NSW Demerit consequences for full car license/learner rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MattJA, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. There are a lot of speed/red light cameras where I'm at, and I'm a bit paranoid about getting caught by one (even though I'm being careful). I haven't lost any points on my car license, so what happens if I get pinged by a camera? The RTA/RMS doesn't explain this scenario.

  2. if you get caught speeding on your bike learner licence, you'll get 4 demerit points.
    That means you lose your bike learners for 3 months, and will have 4 demerit points on licence (car as well)
    you'd need to lose another 9 points in car to lose car licence.
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  3. Yes if on learners you will lose them for 3 months for speeding. Once on unrestricted you have a total of 13 points to lose between bike and car. As soon as you reach that, you lose it on both. Generally speaking.

    Quick fix - dont speed or go through red light cameras.
  4. What happens if he gets caught speeding in the car, an offence that carries 4 pts, does he lose his learners?
  5. No. As long as he holds an unrestricted car licence.
  6. What happens if he is riding and gets the same offence, does he keep his bike learners because he has a full car license?
  7. Did you not read the posts above??
    In NSW, any speeding offence committed whilst on L/P for either the class "C" or "R" will result in a suspension of that L/P licence.
    Where a person holds a licence with multiple classes, they are treated separately for the purpose of the above.

    ROAD TRANSPORT ACT 2013 - SECT 42Determining demerit thresholds where combined licences are held
  8. No, but does retain his car license.
  9. TWEETTWEET I was asking about two different scenarios as I am unclear what the law is
  10. Ok thanks cjvfrcjvfr thats what I was unclear on
  11. To be clear, I quoted the law for you ;)
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  12. You get four demerit points and lose your licence as a result. It is the same penalty if you are speeding 5kph over or 45kph+, which is just...wow. They are serious about this speeding shit.
  13. Sadly Kimberley, statistics speak loud and clear for under 25's and those on restricted licences. Those 2 groups are represented far above other road user demographics in serious crash and fatality statistics.
    By making the penalty severe, it has no doubt deterred many young and inexperienced people from doing things they might otherwise have done, with the potential side benefit of saving their life.
  14. There is no reason to get an infringement notice from a fixed camera, ever. Mobile cameras may be a different story.

    Fixed cameras are.... fixed. So you can see them, you can see the signs on the approach of which there are 3 in NSW or you can buy a GPS with a speed/light camera POI database and have that warn you as well.

    On the approach to traffic lights (all lights), make sure you are doing the speed limit. If you are doing the speed limit, you will have ample time to stop with only moderate braking if the lights change to amber. Running an amber light is a bad habit to get into, any time savings you make over a lifetime by pushing the amber are wiped out by a single collision or the time at work it takes you to earn back the cost of the fine if you push it too far and go into the red phase.
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  15. You only have 3 fixed Cameras in NSW? Sheesh. I have no idea how many we have in VIC but I'd bet your next pay packet it's more than that.

    A lot of the red light cameras in the busier streets in Melbourne are speed cameras too. I dunno maybe 1 or 2 times a week I see someone getting the double flash. I'm getting in the habit of slowing for all green lights.
  16. Victoria is the revenue state. There's almost a camera on every corner down here.
  17. I think he meant for any fixed speed camera there are usually 3 signs in advance to warn you, that you are coming up to a fixed camera so slow down. If you miss all 3 and still run the camera than not much more people can do for you.
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  18. Ahh. So like NSW people who miss the 3 signs and still speed past the fixed camera, I still didn't get it. Doh. NetRider needs another button: Like, Dislike, Winner... "Speed Camera Gotcha".
  19. What happens if he comes across to Victoria and gets pinged by one of the hundreds of Victorian fixed camera on his L's that he doesn't know about? I'm assuming he still lose his bike license then too?