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Delurking.. total noob from east suburbs melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by NicMorgan, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Long time lurker, finally joined and posted now I bought my new bike :)(CBF250) Looking to gear up and be on the road on Thursday. Cant wait until im confident enough to join the learners ride on Tuesdays. Until then it'll be circles in the local parking lots.

  2. Welcome.

    Great move, getting gear before you ride, very smart and great habit to get into from square one. Get that car park nailed and come join in on the fun. Check where people are from etc and you might be able to meet up with them near your home area and head into the L's ride together.

  3. Welcome to NR

    I'm only in Vermont so if you want someone to go for a ride with or want to ride in to St Kilda with me for the L ride on Tuesdays shoot me a PM.
  4. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Good luck with the carpark circles. Remember plenty of help is just a post away.
  5. That would be great! I was dreading the long ride in by myself. Ill let you know when I'm ready for an attempt at the Learners night. Wont be for awhile tho, I will master the carpark first!
  6. Total newbie

    Hi and congrats on the new bike. If you are really a first time rider you may get some good pointers from an excellent website: www.datacraftsystems.com.uk (I think) If it doesn't work Google "Motorcycle riding techniques" and it will direct you to the site.
    That said, you can read all you want but you need to get out there and practice as much as you can. Car Park first, then get on the roads and get a feel for the way that other road users don't see us and start to develop that unique physiological attribute of all motorcyclists - eyes in your arse :eek: When you are ready group riding is a great way to develop your skills through informal mentoring. Enjoy the bike and enjoy NR
  7. Hey noob!

    Hope the practice is coming along.
    I was in the same boat only 6-8 weeks ago. I found that riding round and round the local area was great practice. Close to home if you get too nervous. You probably have a few industrial parks around you that are great after working hours and weekends - no cars.
    Once you feel at one with the bike, and keep your eyes up (and not down on the road) it'll become second nature.

    How'd you go with your gear. AllMoto in Dorset Road is a good place to start on our side of town
  8. Hi, I'm in Upwey. I started just riding around the local roads just to get used to where the clutch lets out and practicing that. You will find you will improve heaps each time you go out. The learner nights are great, have only been to one, and hope to go to another soon, but things keep coming up.