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DeLorean Motor Company Now Taking Orders

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wayned, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. me!! That would be awesome....... sure people would look at you like you were a nutter....but that would be ok!!.......wouldn't it????
  2. No time to explain...get in!
  3. Who in their right mind would pay $70k+ for a car made out of parts that have been sitting in a warehouse for 30 years - only to end up with something with performance that was considered sub-standard even by 1980s standards.

    For that price I'd rather have one of the new Elfin T5s.
  4. Yeah, but you might be lucky and get the one containing the missing coke stash :D.
  5. Ah yes, John Deloreans Premium Reserve Coke - aged on fibreglass for 30 years. :LOL:
  6. People pay 100 grand for a Desmosedici, and they only get noticed by other riders because they look otherwise fairly unremarkable.

    You'd get way more attention with one of these...

    Highly collectable, I'd say.
  7. I've seen a Delorean at car shows on a couple of occasions, they actually get surprisingly little attention. In fact at one event the Trabant parked nearby was drawing a much larger crowd.

    The only reason people even recognise the car is because of Back to the Future, and yet ironically that film probably did more harm than good as far as their collectable value goes. Driving around in one is like driving a Batmobile, distinctive yes, but also a little sad.
  8. if it's got ipod connectivity and a cup holder who gives a sh1t about performance...LOL
  9. I can think of no better reason to buy one BUT for it's role in Back To The Future.

    Why else would you..?

    At a mere $220 on top of buying the car, you can even get the Flux Capacitor -

  10. Now if the thing actually run on kitchen waste then $70k would be a bargain!
  11. Well that answers the first obvious question - thanks.