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DELO 400 CI-4 PLUS, moly?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jessb2311, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    I have been reading here and on other forums about using DELO 400 in motorcycles, and am very interested in it.
    After doing a bit of research, i can see how the older DELO 400 CI-4 oil would be great for bikes..... but it is the new CI-4 PLUS grading that confuses me.

    From what i have researched, "Energy Conserving" Oil is a big no no as it may cause clutch slippage, fair enough.
    But what confuses me is that the new DELO 400 Multigrade CI-4 PLUS has added molybdenum disulfide, from what i know molybdenum disulfide is in itself an energy conserver.
    So why is DELO 400 not labeled as "energy Conserving"?, and is this oil still OK for bikes?

    Can someone shed a bit of light on this for me?

  2. Molybdenum disulphide in high enough concentrations can cause clutch slippage.

    The difficulty of course is finding out how much is too much.

    If you ever get a chance to read an O.E.M. service manual, the manufacturers always recommend the use of Moly based assembly lubes when building engines, particularly on cam lobes and buckets. This eventually mixes with the oil and migrates around the engine with no ill effects.

    Delo is a very good oil but given that it's not marketed SPECIFICALLY for motorcycles, Caltex will recommend that it not be used because they don't know themselves. They don't test it in motorcycles.

    I'd try it. I'll bet it works well and I'll also buy you a beer if the clutch slips. :grin:
  3. My Hornet had it's oil changed about 1000 kays ago by the previous owner. I changed it again on Thursday to the Delo 400. I have done about 150 kays and can honestly say finding neutral is 50% easier now than it had been.
  4. Wow.... thankyou Surly, Envy-t and MCSRacing.
    This is exactly the information i wanted.
    You have made my decision allot easier, i reckon i put some in the old XTZ660.

    Cheers :)
  5. They've ALWAYS put molybdenum in oils, it's just in different quantities.
    You want oils with a high zinc content for motorcycles, it's an excellent anti scuff additive, just teh thing for flat tappet cams and gear surfaces. It's commonly in oils as ZDDP.
    It's found in high concentrations in high quality diesel oils and some motorcycle specific oils.
    Beware that the current low emissions diesel oils are gretly reducing ZDDP, so try to buy oils with a CD or heavy duty, rather than CF or "light duty" rating. Newer is not necessarily better with oil ratings.......much like SG/SH is far better for motorcycle engines due to teh additives than SL/SM.

    Regards, Andrew.