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Dell: it's taken a while

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. No doubt they'll start with customer service and support people.

    Glad I built my own computer!

    ... and wow, a pop-up on that site that Firefox didn't block?
    The advertising vs browser functionality arms-race is on again :eek:
  2. same here mate.

    Dell make good mass produced office PC's.
    I would never have one as a home PC.
  3. hmm given that "Mr Dell" wasn't part of the company for 3 years, i'm interested in your logic? :?

  4. So where's the creative accounting comng from? If you're talking Just In Time supply model, brilliant if you can wait two weeks for your computer.

    The cost savings were obvious, due to the Dell business model, and a niche was successfully filled.

    In regards to the job losses, the slowing down of the economy wouldn't have nothing to do with it :roll:
  5. Hush Alex, we're bashing a large company here :p
  6. Bugger. I've literally just bought a new Dell (last week) and I bought a 2 year support package with it!
  7. hmm, meaning precisely ..... what?????

    I take it you are suggesting that for three years Dell has been doing something entirely different from writing forward its expenses and backward with its profits, and that that has only resumed since he came back ????
  8. bugger dell
  9. I'd prefer not to ..... could be uncomfortable. :p