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Delkevic Exhausts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Senator17, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Has anyone here had any eqperience with Delkevic Exhausts? I saw a set that I liked the look of for my 2012 Z1000. Has anyone fitted Delkevics to their bike?

  2. I think twist'n'go might have some insight on these?
  3. I've got one on my ER5 a 14" stainless. Sound is ok not too loud. Can't comment on performance as my bike has very little of that so the exhaust just made more noise (which is what I wanted).

    Overall build quality and fit was fine and for the money I am pleased.
  4. I have a pair on my ZZR600.

    They look okay, the chrome is not particularly great it looks good from a distance, but if you inspect it closely it seems a bit thin? Hope that's a fair description..

    When mine arrived they were packaged well, but they'd sent the wrong clamps, so the offset to clear the swingarm was not enough, to solve this I just spaced out the bracket where it attaches to the pillion footpeg hanger. Still looks good.

    The sound from them is quite good, probably the best point of them, I have left the removable baffles in and they make a good note, but do not drone at freeway speeds. Perfect.

    Overall, for the price I would say they are a good buy. Don't expect them to be in the same league though for appearance as more high end exhausts. But, they do sound good.
  5. I had a Delkevic 14" oval can and link pipe on my old '04 Z750. It was stainless steel, good weather resistance, the robotic welds were sound and tone was good without droning at highway speeds, with the baffle in anyway, tended to drone a tad (not much) with it out. Not high end, but value for money is probably the very best at that price point.
  6. old topic, but I have one on my YZF600R and sounds great, comes with a DB killer (I dont use tho', nice to be heard down citylink).
    Nice looking pipe and fitted perfectly.
    for the $$$ cant go wrong.
  7. I went ahead with these and am very happy with them. Great value for money and great performance. Sound great too and nice and quiet with the baffles in. And they look good.
  8. As a point of interest, I am selling my ZZR600 and it passed the RWC noise test with the Delkevic pipes fitted :) Another win.
  9. I have a 13" stainless tri-oval on my VFR800. Certainly, there are better pipes out there (at least twice the price, and usually closer to triple the price), but as far as bang for buck is concerned, Delkevic wins hands down.
  10. I've got to agree so far, I love the pipes, the sound and the power boost. I keep my bike clean and try to avoid riding in the rain, so the finish should last pretty well too. We'll see.
  11. Had mine for a few months now (14inch oval) and absolutely no problems what so ever. Gets ridden in all weather conditions, very good value for money.
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  12. May sound stupid but did anyone have any trouble fitting the pipes ?
  13. Hey Bloodman, no issues what so ever, what bike you installing too?
  14. Mine were a little fiddly to fit, both to get them to look even and to get the pipes all properly aligned. I also used some muffler putty to make sure that all the pipes sealed correctly without exhaist leaks. My bike is a 2012 Kawasaki Z1000.

    Still very happy with the sound, fit and finish of these cans.
  15. I have a pair of 350mm CF Delkavics on my Firestorm.
    I'm impressed but not so my neighbours ar 6:00am :hungry:
    In my opinion they are very well made.
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  16. Just completed another 300+ k ride on Sunday. When cruising on the freeway, the sound seems no louder than the stock mufflers. When I work the bike hard and get on the throttle, they make a very nice sound. And I've been told by a few people that have followed me, theat they sound nice and have a nunce burble as I decelerate, especially going down hill. So I can highly recommend them.
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  17. was going to be a CBF1000 , but it has now gone to a far better place , but has been replaced by a ST1300
  18. I had these on my FZ6 , twin underseat stubby pipes with slash cut ends, very nice pipes :)


  19. sorry for tardiness of reply, was cbf1000. It has gone to god but now have ST 1300. So still looking at these pipes. Thanks