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Delkevic Aftermarket Street Fairing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gato, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Has anyone got any experiences with aftermarket street fairing from Delkevic?

    I have been looking for fairings for my GSXR600 K6. So far, everything I have come across on the net seems to be of compromised quality. The major concern is fitment - need to drill/expand holes to fit bolt positions, need to cut the plastic etc. Another concern is, of course, plastic quality.

    I saw this in an ad in the Cycle Torque magazine. Their website is due for an upgrade. Totally no info :evil:

    So, please share your experiences! :)

  2. Did you have any luck with Delkevic. I have been looking into getting some after market fairings as well.
  3. I'm on the same boat as you, still looking for some. I've been staying away from the ones you find on ebay. I just don't feel sure about the quality and especially fitting.

    I've heard from people who take off their original fairing right away and replace them with aftermarkets, just to preserve the original set for when they sell their bike.

    I wonder if anyone else uses any aftermarket fairings?
  4. My big concern is the fitting and not being able to easily go into the shop and complain if it doesn't fit right. I expect the quality to not be as good as the originals, but if after a few years they start deteriorating I can always buy some new ones or put the original fairings back on.

    Also checking feedback on their ebay site there doesn't seem to be many comments on people that have bought fairings from them.
  5. mob in qld import fairings

    I saw an ad [buggered if I knw where tho] theres a mob in qld that import fairings in various forms, I do remember the only contact there was is by mobile and they do ring back etc so it is legit.
    best i can do for you sorry no more then that
  6. I just saw the link on here, to this other outfit: Online Torque (www.onlinetorque.com.au). They are local, which is a big plus. Since it's being linked by netrider, has anyone got any experience with them?