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Delkevic 9" or 14" for an XJR1300?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by T4Tom, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm planning on getting a new exhaust for my bike. Currently its just the stock ones.

    Ive found the Delkevic sets to be affordable and look ok too.

    I'm trying to weigh up the open 9" stubby or the longer 14".

    I want it just for the sound but it's so hard to tell from YouTube what they really sound like.

    I'm hopIng that there might be someone in my area that has a similar pipe so I can hear first hand what they sound like.

    Im in the south east Melbourne area. Please PM me if your happy to meet up.

    Any help would be appreciated. IMHO the XJR deserves a better sound than stock.

    P.s. I hope I put this thread in the right spot.


  2. In terms of audio-harmonics a longer can will give you a deeper tone, a shorter will give you a higher tone...

    In terms of (any appreciable HP or torque gain) a shorter can will give you more gains, a longer can will give you less....

    Very simplified - but at least it's a start
  3. Thanks BitSar,

    I was thinking that because my bike has twin pipes that it would be a bit quieter than if it all ran through a single pipe, am I on the right track?
  4. Two cans - 4 into - 2 will be MORE quiet than one can - 4 into - 2 into - 1.....less compression in the former, more compression in the latter.......
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  5. I ordered a Delkevic 14" stubby in stainless steel for my GSX650F. It is louder than the stock muffler, mostly sounds better I think. But it does pop a bit on the overrun and it has a bit of an annoying buzzy/drone sound at some revs. So far I've only ridden it with the insert in, I tried it with it out after I fitted the muffler and it seems a bit louder when revving it out of gear, but I suspect it could be much louder under load.
  6. Ok, thanks pwbike.
    When did you get the pipe? Did you import it from US?
    I was leaning towards the 9" but the 14" might be better.

    Any chance you be happy to meet up for a ride through the dandys some time? I'd be interested on hearing what yours sounds like.
  7. If you guys do a Dandy's ride count me in :D
  8. I bought it from delkevic_us or similar named seller on Ebay, I assume it is the company's own Ebay store. I got it about a month ago, took about a week and a half from when I ordered it I think. Cost $95.00 for shipping, was well packed in a foam cradle in a cardboard box. I can go for a quick ride with you some time on the weekend. It sounds decent, way more sporty than the stock muffler. Last group ride I went on there was a non LAMS GSX650F (belonging to realist) and he had an Aussie muffler which sounded good (pretty sure it was a Megacycle), it sounded deeper than mine at idle.
  9. The weather looks good this Saturday (23deg).*
    I'm free in the morning.
    We could meet up at the Alchester shops on the corner of Mountain hwy and Colchester rd.*
    Could meet up at 10:00?
  10. I'll have to take a rain check for this Saturday - committed elsewhere - plenty of warm days coming up for a ride though (y)
  11. That's cool BitSar,

    pwbike - are you free this Sat?
  12. That's cool BitSar.

    Pwbike - are you free this Sat for a ride?
  13. That will be fine T4Tom, you are of course welcome BitSar, pity the timing doesn't suit you. See you 10:00 AM Saturday morning at the Alchester shops.
  14. Next time fellas............I had already committed to another LENGTHY ride this Saturday.

    Have a great ride (y)
  15. See you then pwbike

    And maybe next time BitSar,
  16. Hey Mr T. How's the XJR traveling? I've been eyeing it as an upgrade for a long time.

    How long have you had it for?
  17. I love the XJR. It's fantastic to ride. I've had it about six months and I've a few ks on it.

    What do you ride at the moment?
  18. I got the V star 650 Custom ATM.
  19. That's a nice bike.

    I used to have a cruiser. I find the XJr has a more upright riding position and for me it's a lot more comfy. I guess it's up to the rider and what they prefer but I've enjoyed my XJR so much, the power and the handling. I often ride with a pillion and it does it with ease.

    If your free for a ride today you're welcome to come meet up with us in Boronia.


  20. Thanks for the offer T but today might be a family day. Maybe some other time. I'm in Wantirna Sth so that's not a problem.

    What year is the XJR?