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Delivery Times from Sportbiketrackgear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    I ordered some gear from spt a while ago, and its still not arrived and the tracking data still has not updated from its position in Chicago, where i assume it was at an airport.

    This was on the 15th of july... been pretty much a month and now im getting worried.

    Has anyone else had long delivery times from SPT?
  2. Uh-oh. I'm about to place an order with them.
    Maybe your gear order is incomplete and they are waiting on stock before they ship all of it. Maybe???
  3. I've used them twice, first time was with Sidi boots and a visor, shipped on the 31st of December, and picked it up from the post office on the 13ths of January.


    Second time the items that I wanted was on back order but ended up getting shipped on the 14th, it cleared customs on the 20th of July, and it got delivered on the 22nd.


    On Whirlpool (here) there's basically a thread dedicated to the how slow USPS have been recently, there's still people waiting for their items that were shipped before yours.
  4. interestingly, one of the businesses i deliver to asked me about a parcel from the states just today, said he ordered it about a month ago and it hasn't come through to me yet.

    The blame would lie with either USPS or aus customs, (but really, usps sucks when it comes to shipping out stuff internationally)
  5. Ordered a 2 piece suit from SPT and no issue what so ever. From memory it was delivered in about 10 days.

    Just send them an email.
  6. i've bought from them twice, in both cases shipping took 10-14 days

    as KK said, it's USPS not STG
  7. Thanks for the responses, i guess ill just have to wait and see.

    has anyone ever had a lost package from STG, what did they do? did they resend it for you or where they like bad luck lol.
  8. i've used Sportbiketrackgear they were usually pretty good.
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  9. I put an order for an exhaust and air filter, they messed up the shipping method (I wanted the express post instead of priority mail service).

    However it arrived last night \\:D/ just one week after the ship date. Finished the installation and it looks and sounds nice =P~ , but now I'm thinking if I really want to install the dB killer as well. Is there any way to find out the noise level of after market exhaust short of getting it tested officially?
  10. yeh mate, pretty standard. its USPS they are backed up heavily due to the dollar or so they told me when i ordered stuff.

    if you want fast del (like 1-2weeks at most) use bongous.com but they can be more expensive or quite a bit more depending on the item but being a freight forwarder they get it to you very fast
  11. I bought something from them too few months ago. It took roughly about 12-14 working days, so it's pretty good.
  12. Just putting it out there, it arrived today at the post office. Pretty sure its just USPS being shit. i might ask SPT if they can Fedex stuff next time, will be way quicker.
  13. fedex is typically twice+ the cost!
    would you pay double +?
  14. I have ordered from them I did have issues but that was due to lack of stock
  15. For what it's worth, you can't go past buying os at the moment. I ordered some stuff from FC-Moto (Germany) it took just over three wks, but they were great with any inquiries I had. But the best was another US store SoloMotoParts.com, I got an M4 slip exhaust for $200 less than here in oz and it took 5 working days for delivery.
  16. Got my gloves a week ago from sport bike, took 3 weeks to ship. Brought a few other things from overseas lately and has taken longer than usual. Think its the awesome exchange rate.