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delivery scooter in SA

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by zimmer, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. howdy i was looking to get a scooter soon . Im planning on getting a 100cc or a 125. I was just wondering if i can put a box on thats big enough to deliver pizza's in on all scooters ??

    If some any1 know where i can buy one ?? Also some good scooter stores in SA.

    thanks for your helf
  2. ill see if i got a pizza box in the kitchen.. i got aq top deck box but i dont think its big enuff.

    will let ya know my findings
  3. sorry to take so long. but in order to carry out my tests i needed to purchase a 6 pack of pale, a large pizza and find my top deck box...

    well after drinking two pales to cool down i then ate my pizza mean while consuming another two pales. and over the remaining 2 pales, i concluded that a large pizza does not fit in the standard helmet top deck box..

    i hope this has helped...

    now... where did i stick that other 6pack....

    a 6 pack how ever does fit in there. and a dozen loose stubbies will aswell with a half bag of ice on top. make sure to let your beers settle after some spirited riding...
  4. Do you work for the government doing research? :grin:
  5. no mate.. but if beer and pizza can be classed as research material im gonna get one hell of a tax return!
  6. Look into getting a TGB Transcoot. Either the Sc'ute or the Delivery model.
  7. ah ye and i also dont really want to spend over 3k (3500 MAX)

    all help much appreciated