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Delivery Ride...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fishin_Dan, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. My mrs's best mate here in Townsville still has her motorbike down in Brisbane. It's a VTR250 (Late model - Not sure of year, but fairly new).

    We were chatting the other week, and she mentioned she wants to get it up to Townsville so she can get it shipped with her when she gets posted later in the year. She had looked into shipping it up herself, but at around $800 + insurance as the cheaper price, she said it would be cheaper to get someone to ride it up...

    And that's where my brain started working :LOL:

    So I had a think about it, and pretty much decided that I would ride it up for her. Brisbane to Townsville. I'll take a few days to do it (About 4) and make a nice adventure out of it.

    Obviously being a 250, and a sports bike, and the fact I'm about 6'5 means that long periods on the bike will get a little cramped, so by allowing a few days to do it, I can stop every few hours to stretch out, and enjoy the trip a whole lot more.

    So, I've been thinking lately about all the stuff I would need to get sorted for it. She has to get it serviced, new tyres, and renew rego (It only has about a month left on it). I bought a 55L Caribee waterproof duffel bag that I should be able to strap onto the pillion seat, and that will hold a tent, sleeping bag, self inflating mattress (I've got very small hiking gear), some clothes and some food for if I need to camp out anywhere. I have been trying to think of all the things I need to do to have everything ready, and have a few questions from you wonderful insightful people...

    1) VTR250 & me - Do you think we'll get on? Will I find after the first day that I want to just kick it into the ocean & walk home?

    2) Will I be able to strap the caribee bag onto the pillion seat easily? I was thinking of using the handles on the end & strapping to the pillion footpegs. This will give me some back support too

    3) Insurance - Should it be mine or hers? She could add me onto her policy I think. That's probably easier.

    4) RACQ Roadside assitance - Is it worth it for a bike?

    5) What tools should I take?

    6) How much fun am I going to have :cool:
  2. It's very good that you're considering all these things.

    Yes, the VTR250 is a fearsome motorcycle, and widely regarded as an uncompromisingly track-oriented bike.
    Built for handling, many chiropracters and physiotherapists recommend AGAINST buying a VTR250 because of the various back and shoulder problems that can be created by maintaining such an aggressive riding position.

    1) Take lots of deep-heat and Nurofen. Perhaps arrange a sports massage halfway from a qualified and trained physio.

    2) Anything is possible with ocky-straps.

    3) Her insurance should be fine. Just make sure they don't have some 'owner = rider only' clause in their contract.

    4) You can still call roadside assistance if you need them. Join over the phone, or pay a non-member fee. It's not like if you're broken down they are going to say "Haha! Should have thought of that before you decided not to become a member, jackass! Bad luck!"

    5) The bike's tool-kit should be fine. A torch, leatherman and box of matches are a good idea. Also, take a can of chain-lube with you, and tension the chain before you start the trip.

    I think I'd recommend a full-face helmet and leathers, too. At the speeds you'll be doing on such a brutally fast motorcycle as a VTR250, you don't want to be killed by a piece of dust, or low-flying mosquito.
  3. cj missus (Liz) rode a scooter up from brissy just recently so if she can do it on a scooter anyone should be able to do it on a vtr250.....if she wants to let the rego run out let it, you only using 4 days of it, and you say it has a month left, as for service well, imo if it need ones have it done, if not required (if it was me i would just check it over myself), i wouldn't go and have it done....as for gear take a spare shirt and pants etc.....you basically wear the same stuff for 4 days, yes you can strap anything down, tools well, how handy are you with a spanner, most people carry more tools then they know what to do with or how to fix the more involved problems on the side of the road (me included) i take something to adjust chain (sometimes) allen keys, and a swiss army knife, as for road side assit. well guess that is upto you. From my experience i have never had a bad road trip, some adventurous trips where every fcuking thing goes wrong but geez they make for good stories later.
  4. Cheers Bonk.

    I've got a full faced helmet, Draggin cargos & a RJays Tour-X jacket (With camelbak built in) so should be right... The leathers only come out on Wednesday nights for the Mrs :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I'm really looking forward to it, just a little worried it's going to be a little bike. Might go down to the local Honda dealer & see if they have one there I can sit on to get a feel for it.
  5. Car and a trailer?
  6. Liz did Brisbane to Cairns in 4 days on a 250cc scooter.

    That's with 3mths in total riding experience and that being 3yrs ago.
  7. If I may, get earplugs. You get buffeted quite a bit of a little naked bike at highway speeds, and earplugs are going to make it all much more enjoyable/less fatiguing for you.
  8. I work at the airport here in Townsville, so have LOTS of the little earplugs already :wink:

    Haven't actually used them on the bike though, so will go for a ride around town with them in one time before I go just to see the difference.

    Was also planning on taking an MP3 player. As I'm doing it solo, I don't want to have to listen to my head for too long... I annoy the cr@p out of myself!!! HA HA HA :LOL:
  9. Magnetic Tank Bag. Best bit of kit I ever had for my long distance highway riding. Not only does it allow you to carry more stuff with you on the bike but the best thing you can do is stuff it full of clothes, then you can get down into the race crouch and rest your upper body on it. Taking the strain off the shoulders and arms, even if it's just for 10 minutes or so every hour seems to make a lot of difference to me.

    You might want to see if you can try one on for size though as you're a fair bit taller than me and it may not really sit in the right position. Additionally I've found that on some bikes they can impact on your ability to control the bike as they may obstruct the amount of turn you can get from your handlebars.

    Good luck on the ride and be sure to take a camera so you can capture the trip for the rest of us to enjoy!
  10. highway speeds are a LOT noiser than around town :p Lucky bugger, send me some earplugs :p
  11. Yep, you'll have heaps of fun. As CJ said, it was nearly like nil riding experience for me. I'd flown to Brissy purely to bring the scooter up. No test ride, no checking to see how it'd feel and being only 5'2" I was anxious about seat height. I was quite nervous for the first hour, just getting out of Brisbane traffic, but after that I was having a ball.

    I had 3 overnight stops - Childers, Marlborough and Bowen. CJ drove to Ingham and rode the scoot up for the last 200ks, bless him! I was exhausted and bottom was sore! I'd done 1400ks

    The road's great - yes, lots of trucks, campervans and 4 wheel drives overtook me, usually in o'take lanes but there were also lots of times I had the road to myself. Didn't take me long to feel comfortable enough to do the same speed as everyone else. When I did feel intimidated by one truck, I took the opportunity to pull over - he was spoiling my fun.

    I didn't have any special tools, no RACQ (yet) - just strong determination and lots of encouragement from friends and strangers - some who thought I was mad. Everything I carried had to fit under the seat - so travel light!

    I highly recommend the experience. Frequent breaks, food and drink (I had a camelbak for water) and I never rode in the dark. That sums it up really. I'd do it again! :grin:
  12. Car and trailer
  13. Soft Cock.

  14. If you go see a doctor they have drugs that can help, chin up floppy.
  15. :rofl:

  16. That is about 1,350 Km. You should do it very comfortably in four days.

    1) VTR250 & me - Do you think we'll get on? Will I find after the first day that I want to just kick it into the ocean & walk home?
    You are a bit big for it, but you be fine.

    2) Will I be able to strap the caribee bag onto the pillion seat easily? I was thinking of using the handles on the end & strapping to the pillion footpegs. This will give me some back support too.
    55L - that's pretty big isn't it? About 60x30x30? Might hang over the back a bit. Best to keep straps away from moving parts, and not to put strain on the duffel bag zipper. Don't want stuff falling into the rear wheel and chain. Better to put ocky-straps over the lot.

    3) Insurance - Should it be mine or hers? She could add me onto her policy I think. That's probably easier.
    As long as she doesn't have a named driver/rider only policy, you should be covered. Check that, and excess amounts for alternate riders.

    4) RACQ Roadside assitance - Is it worth it for a bike?
    A late model VTR shouldn't break down in 1,350 Km. You would have to be unlucky. Nibor probably does that every weekend on his. Get it serviced, and particularly the battery checked, if it has been sitting for any length of time, or if she wants it serviced before before being shipped to her new posting. Tyres? What is on the bike, and what distance have they covered?

    5) What tools should I take?
    Nothing special. Particularly if you have had it serviced. The trip is not much more than a weekend run.

    6) How much fun am I going to have?
    Lots. You probably don't need to camp out, as there are many cheap motels up the coast to rest in. At some you may want to wheel the bike into the room with you, but what the hell? Note that as far as I know, camping in roadside reststops in QLD is no longer allowed, and you will be moved on if spotted by the authorities. This change to the law was bought in a few years ago, and certainly this was true for 4WDs, caravans and campervans. It may have changed since, because it caused an uproar.

    Plus: How about a crampbuster cruise control? http://www.amcmotorcycles.com/index1.html

    Ride report due within three days of arrival. :wink:
  17. do it in a day, ya pansy :p
    or a comfy 2 days.

    VTR is like a mobile armchair mate. stop for fuel every 300km and stretch/piss then.

    3 stops, and you're there on the 4th :wink:
  18. Who the hell said it has an "aggressive riding position"?

    It's got the seating position of a farkin cruiser!

    Try a CBR250, now that's cramped and aggressive.
  19. +1 to screwball.

    You might want a backpack water thingy. so you can get a drink.
    Aerogard + Deo...anti prespant would be good, nothign like smelling like a dog. and maybe a emergency flare or similar incase you lose phone reception.
  20. Brisbane to Townsville is 1000 miles or 1600 klms,

    Its a cruisy two day ride, I have done it a few times years ago, car and bike.

    Stop in a motel for one night,

    We do 1000 klm rides on a weekend, Tathra run two weeks ago was 1600 klms.

    250 will get you there and back very easy, and without spares.

    I dont know what you are worried about.