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Delirious with anticipation!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Clueless (but learning!), Sep 27, 2004.

  1. A couple more sleeps to go and me and my baby will be hooking up! No more running around the house with my all my gear on making vroom vroom noises! Yipppee! :p

    If anybody is listening up there - Some good weather PLEASSSEE!!!!
  2. dont forget friday night coffee
  3. what happened to picking it up on the weekend?
  4. Alas, couldn't get it down to mechanics for RWC until the weekend - which was a shame - weather was gorgeous and I was insanely jealous of all the people whizzing pass me on their bikes!! :)
  5. WooHoo another bike on the road. Have a great time and be bloody careful out there. Just take it easy and you will have fun.

  6. what type o bike you getting?
  7. kawa zxr250!! trying to think of a name for it at the moment - only thing that immediately comes to mind is The Snot Machine!! :LOL: It is so goddamn GREEN!! Not my fav colour, but it goes alright so that's all it matters!! :D
    Just tried to ask my boss for a day off Friday so me and my baby can have some bonding time...his response was an eyebrow raise..so I guess that's a "no!" :p
  8. Kermie the Kwaka...oohhh, how cute
  9. Take a deep breath and repeat after me..." I will not ride like a speed-freak dickhead, I will not ride like a speed-freak dickhead..."

    We've had a few learners go rubber side up lately and you don't want to add to the tally.

    Have fun but for Pete's sake remember you are still learning. Even Rossi had training wheels once.

    Have a ball but be safe.
  10. Well said deyago :)

    Clueless: What about "Loogi"? Nothing says snot like a Loogi.
  11. Flem....

    as he reaches for another Fishermans Friend...
  12. dood, the spelling is phlegm, pls get it right or we'll have to put you in Groberts corner, for the gramatically challenged
  13. Thanks for the spelling lesson :oops:

    dood is actually an acronym for Deductive Object-Oriented Database

    the word you were looking for was dude (A man who is very fancy or sharp in dress and demeanor)

    All things aside.. I nearly hit that blue button after reading that you wanted to class my spelling in the same league as groberts. :shock: The difference here was I mean't to spell Flem as Flem. If I was in the same league as groberts it probably would have come out as Fken. :D