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Delinquents infuriate me.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kez1a, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Greetings all!

    This is my first post here on netrider and unfortunately it had to be in the near miss sub forum.

    Anyway, as I was just travelling home from work (maybe half an hour before posting this), I had a moment that simply made me extremely angry. I wouldn't call it a near miss per se, as it was in fact quite a good shot but it could have ended extremely bad for me.

    I was travelling on Station rd (in Melton) heading towards Melton South, as I come to the overpass that goes over the Western Freeway. As I approach the overpass I notice a group of youths ahead to my left but think nothing of it as it is quite normal for them to be out and about causing trouble as this is Melton after all. I pass group and not a second later my head jars forward and I nearly loose control of my bike, any way I will let the pictures do the explaining.



    The kids had thrown something quite large at the back of my head as I rode past. I hadn't realised how bad it actually was until I got home and saw the back of my Helmet. Now I have to buy a new helmet, sigh... this just makes me so angry.
  2. That is a serious something that hit your head. I vote that this country needs national service to straighten out the little hoodlums here
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  3. I agree, I am just glad I didn't end up crashing. I went to the police station right after to report the incident and they just said they would send a van around.
  4. That kind of seems impossible.
  5. Looks like they threw another motorcycle at you
  6. I vote road gangs to improve infrastructure..... Hate to think what our pollies would do given a bigger army....
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  7. I honestly am unsure how it happened my self thinking about it (considering I was doing 50-60km/h travelling forward and they would have had to hit me from behind), but I guess I am just assuming they threw something as I cannot think of another scenario that would fit, I mean I was definitely hit in the head and I don't see what else it could be.
  8. Launched perhaps? Otherwise it kind of looks like they got you side on and just clipped the back of your helmet, which means they wouldn't need to make up the speed. Either way definitely worth a trip to the cop shop.

    I imagine something small scrapping the back would cause the styrofoam to expand outwards, pushing the outer liner like that. May have been a sling shot or glove gun. You would have seen them lining up a throw. Split seconds and it could have been much worse.
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  9. What morons.

    Pity you weren't in a group ride. Would be interesting if you pulled up to speak to them, knowing a dozen bikes were not far behind!;)

    Welcome to the Forum.:cool:
  10. A similar thing happened to a car a few months back in the same area (I think literally in the same spot). A man was driving at night when a group of kids threw a tennis ball (I think) as his windscreen, he pulled over and confronted the group but ended up getting stabbed (he survived though).

    I am going to walk around in the morning when I have a bit more light to see if I can find anything around the bridge which might give me some hints as to what had hit me.
  11. I know that "sending a van around" is about the best the plod can do but this is really serious. Assuming what you said is true (and I don't doubt it), they have shown a deliberate intent to cause harm. I'd be making a follow up call to the plod to see what they managed to unearth.
  12. What little shits!
  13. ... Where are their parents?
  14. I don't see how this incident is any less serious then when the youths were throwing rocks, bricks etc off highway bridges a couple of years back. Just because people died from that doesn't mean people can't die from this.

    Anyway, I agree with the follow up of the cops.

  15. Jail, I'm guessing!:whistle:

    (Kids will be kids. I'm not condoning it, but I don't think you can put more than 25% of the blame on the parents.)
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  16. Glad you're ok, that's a serious blow to the helmet.

    Even if you don't think you'll get anything out of it, please report this to the police. This means that they can establish a history of incidents in an area and do something more permanent about it.
  17. I would call this behaviour attempted murder. :mad:
  18. Sniffing glue or smoking crack I assume.
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  19. When I was that age I was wandering round the streets till tea time too, but all I was doing was haunting workshops and timber yards trying to scrounge up stuff to make billy-carts...
  20. Probably playing the pokies...
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