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Delini Leather Helmet Bag is in.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robsalvv, May 22, 2006.

  1. A couple of months ago I shared a story about an industrial designer dude I met while riding the bike. He's a biking nut and has a home business that makes all things leather for bikes - tank bags, tank bras, jackets, helmet bags... plus other things. George is his name.

    Anyway, I posted about ordering a pillion seat leather helmet bag... and it's now in. Thought I'd put up some pix.

    It's completely hand made, made from good leather, features a neoprene base and mine features a lockable zip. Mine's all black, but some funky fluro colours are in the production line.



    If anyone wants to talk to George, drop me a PM or an email and I'll forward on his number.


  2. Looks pretty funky Rob.
    Is that a strap to hold it in place on your seat? If so what is it made of?

  3. i am curious about the zi over the the top of the helmet? Is there some tpye of flap, (padded bit) on the inside, to stop the zip rubbing straight ontop on the lid? Apart from that looks good
  4. Heh, that's pretty cool :)
  5. G - it's a thick synthetic type material [nylon/polyester??] - so pretty sturdy but not quite vandal proof. It buckles together under the pillion seat.

    Stewy, yep there is a protective flap under the zipper.

    I'm currently leaving my spare enclosed in the bag to help stretch the leather.


  6. how much is it?
  7. Yeah what he said :)
  8. ...price is a bit dependent of the work/customising you get done. I can't recall exactly what it cost me now... $150-$200.

    Works a treat.