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Deliberately run off the road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ss--ss, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Was riding today down a 2 lane highway when came up to a set of lights.. there were about 10 cars lined up so I went into the bus lane & came out in front of them waiting for lights to turn green. When they did go green I took off pretty quick but there was this ute who was behind me who must have been pissd off that I was infront of him at the lights, he planted his ute & almost went into the back of me.. I slowed down & he came right passed me just touching elbow with his left hand mirror... Luckly I just got a bit wobble & nothing serious but don't understand these car drivers who hate you being infront of them..
    I caught up to the guy & was ready to have a go at him but he was a 50yo tradie who wouldn't look at me, so I thought it was better to forget & move on..
    Anyone else experienced this before?

  2. You rode down the BUS lane ("Don't get busted in a bus lane" music) and then parked yourself in front of him?

  3. Huh? No issues with riding in bus lane as long as its not bus only.
  4. Agreed, riding in a Bus Lane is permitted in NSW.

    (Just be careful; many bus lanes become Bus Only for about 15 metres at a traffic-light intersection, but they're marked when that happens)
  5. shows how often I ride in Sydney, dunnit??

    anyway, don't get on the wrong side of us 50+ years olds, you young whipper-snappers :).

  6. 60 year olds are even worse :grin:
  7. Yeah, it happens now and again. Not much you can do about it apart from maintaining your situational awareness so you can see the bastards coming.

    On the bright side, in 20 years of riding I've only seen one deliberate (and unsuccessful) attempt to actually ram a bike, but I've seen a hell of a lot of wayyyyy too close for comfort intimidation tactics.
  8. This is the mentality of a modern society.

    "hey that guy in the bike just filtered in front of me, he must wait in line like everybody else, by not waiting in line he has somehow put me at a disadvantage, therefore he must die" sincerely concerned citizen
  9. i always check the cars at the front as im approachin and try and see who is driving, if its a lady, or i can see a baby seat, or an eldery person, straight to the front no problems, dont go pulling in front of any porches or worked maloo's on my 250 haha
  10. no problem with going to the front, but instead of sitting beside them, just park yourself infront of them so there is no way they could try and race you.
  11. Gotta look out for them there porches, they just creep up out of no where when they detach themselfs from houses :p

    You cop that stuff in cars tho, people being stupid. We need laws over here where you kill someone thru poor driving, you cop either murder or manslaughter charges. People might start to think twice a bit more.

    But my mates dad was telling me about some storys from his trips across the Nulabour. He said people in both cars and trucks would just drive head on at him, this was back when a bit of it was dirt road, and it was quite wide. I dunno, some people just have issues with bikes.
  12. More often than not it comes back to one thing: your average dumb Australian thinks that the larger vehicle has right of way, period. When I'm on my motorcycle, I have to deal with cagers. And when I'm in my '93 Civic hatch, I have to deal with SUVs and 4WDs. Drivers in this country have such fragile and over-inflated egos that it's not funny. If I was to become a full-time vigilante, I would have more work than hours in a day, no question about it.

    My favourite way of dealing with tailgaters on country roads is to swerve into the opposite lane when clear and slam on the brakes. You get such a 'WTF?' look from these redneck delinquents that I almost forget how much I wanted to slam my carbon-fibre-knuckled fist into their face. :LOL:
  13. On a side note, I was riding home on the Eastern Fwy last week when I indicated left, changed from the middle lane into the left lane, and proceeded to ride in the right wheel track of the left lane. The bloke in the Audi TT I merged in front of obviously felt so emasculated by this that he proceeded to overtake me on the left, half the car in the emergency lane and the other half in my lane, and then slid in front of me.

    He had enough room to do this, no harm done, but I was right royally pissed off until I realised how small his self-esteem must be after having spent $70,000 on a "sports" car only to find he is out-accelerated by blokes on $4,000 motorcycles and in $10,000 bombadores.

    Sometimes I feel pity for all those men who are made to feel like a biatch at home by a wife with bigger balls than they have, a biatch at work by a boss who has the power to retrench them on a whim, and then made a biatch by a "prestige" car dealer who cons them into buying an overpriced and underpowered piece of teutonic servitude which only serves to announce to the rest of the world their fundamental feelings of inadequacy and need for peer approval.

    At the end of the day, this behaviour on the roads is representative of much bigger issues with our society. A society where men are increasingly finding it harder to self-validate that they are men, resorting to violence (including passive violence such as aggressive and intimidating driving) in the absence of traditional reinforcement such as being head of the family or being their own boss in the workplace.

    Understanding this had helped me adopt a more zen attitude (à la Bravus) to other driver's behaviour. Sigh. :)
  14. It sounds to me like you feel like a biatch because you might not have 70K to spend on a car. :roll:

    Some people buy a car for how it looks as well as how it goes. this guy would probably be a knob regardless of the cars or women in his life.

    For the record I drive an old Astra (looks crap goes crap) so looks good, goes crap would be a step up.
  15. Ummm... No I don't think he does. His post is probably one of the more well written ones I've seen around here for a while that sums up very well the diminishing role of some men in today's society. Perhaps instead of taking cheap shots you look at the bigger picture champ ;)
  16. I come across a few of these Bozos every week. A little tip if I may ...
    when filering to the front, and when POSSIBLE, try NOT to place yourself in front of anything that resembles a 'sports' car, HSV, XR8, V8 muscle cars, wanker turbos etc.. It's more likely drivers of such vehicles need to prove something, and don't appreciate being queue jumped at lights. :roll:
    If not possible, or can't be fcuked, then be ready to hammer it.
    PS: always LOOK out for possible red-light runners before racing through that green. :wink:
  17. I make sure not to go in front of them. I plant myself securely at their side so i can imasculate them to the speed limit then count the seconds till the hero fly-by. :LOL:

    On a side note though, can some 250 riders have a bit of curtesy for larger capacity machines? I was sitting at the lights and a hyoflung pulled up next to me on the left and gave it a pathetic rev to indicate he wanted to go in front. I let him for the sole purpose of comradery but i was quite annoyed that he didn't follow protocol.

    If you want to go before the guy you go half a bike length in front ON THE RIGHT, if you fail to do so you might have a rider on a bigger machine not realise that you wanted to go first and end up riding into the same spot as you causing both parties discomfort.
  18. i followed a different rule set on the 250.

    1) if you're the 2nd bike there, you go 2nd.

    2) if you're the second bike there regardless of what side you're on you sit half a bike length back to indicate that you are not going to go ahead of them.

    3) if you're first and a bigger bike comes along and the situation allows for it, wave them ahead so you don't hold them up otherwise be prepared to get moving quick and leave room for them to overtake.

    4) don't filter in front of a car with more balls than your bike unless its driven by someone with less balls than you.

    5) always check for red runners (a guy beeped me for filtering in front of him and not budging when the light went green. Saved me and him getting t-boned by the numpty who ran the red. I then twisted hard and left him to contemplate that)
  19. :LOL:
  20. These rules suffice better than mine. The idjit didn't follow protocol and his bike was rusty. If the traffic was lighter i might have been a bit more tempted to show him why you let the big bike off first. Bloody idiot :roll: