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Deliberate near misses?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Audible, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Is there a small element of car drivers out there who deliberately pull out in front/cut off/etc motorcycle riders?

    Recent experience when I was solo on a 4 lane road, right hand lane, clear sunny day, no other traffic for some distance front rear or the other side of the road.
    On a side street (left hand side) there was a VW golf, three males inside. The car sat at the stop sign, the driver watching myself and then when I am nearly point blank, he pull's out in front forcing myself to full e-brake and stop to avoid a collision. As the car crosses my path, I can see the driver grinning like a cheshire cat and the passenger in the back seat laughing at me.

    It's not the first time similar has happened to myself. I've had cars look at me when I am in a roundabout to their rights, slow down, then gas it when They see me, and an idiot who deliberately bump's me at a stop sign and swears at me for stopping at the stop sign instead of rolling thru.

    Anybody else having near misses or collisions that seem deliberate with car drivers?
  2. Yes. You can either chase them down and beat them to death after you rip off their arms.


    You can take a deep breath, and accept that there are fcuktards everywhere and get on with your day.
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  3. yeah Ive had similar to that usually at roundabouts.

    With the VW one if you had footage id be inclined to show footage to the cops especially if it shows he deliberately waited for you to get close.

    As for bumping me at a stop sign That person would be getting a more personal reply..
  4. I'm not surprised it was a VW driver, it seems every tard in the world drives one these days. But basically you just have to prepare yourself for this kind of behaviour, next time you feel like something similar is gong to happen, get yourself into "ready-to-avoid" mode. And get a camera like JeffcoJeffco said and send the footage off to the police.
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  5. OR - you can take note of their numberplate, and call the police. Chances are if they've done it to you they'll do it or have done it to others.

    If they cause an accident later - having previous reports of their behavior will go against them when they face court.

    If a future accident is bad enough to sadly cause a fatality they'd be up under manslaughter charges as opposed to just 'a SMIDSY accident'.

    Or if there's enough reports against them, something may be done too.

    But I agree- apart from reporting them, take a deep breath, and have satisfaction that your ebrake skills were good enough to pick up on the issue...
  6. Stop signs are my favourite! It pisses people off so much when you come to a complete stop...yes, I revel in that! But I've seen coppers pull people over for NOT stopping, so I don't risk it anymore.

    Ok, I just love pissing off 'tards!
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  7. One of the things about motorcycles is that they are small and human perception generally judges small things to be further away. It doesn't excuse car drivers poor reading of the traffic but from our perspective it is another thing to be aware of. Humans evolved to avoid bigger things that may eat you and hunt smaller things that may be tasty.
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  8. is that why I like cake?
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  9. But you'd want to make sure to ID them that you could report they had some facial scarring :sneaky:
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  10. Be sure to apologise when you catch up to them, i.e. sorry mate, didn't realise that was your mum I tea-bagged last night

    Alternatively, try wearing a leather vest, getting some tattoos and growing a beard and switching to a HD.
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  11. A friends next door neighbour got sick of the local arseholes smashing his letterbox on the way home from the pub.
    The cops were always too late and coudn't identify anyone.
    Wayne waited in his garden one night and when they attacked he hit them with a paintball gun. When he rang the cops he
    said "you'll be able to identify them now" :)
    There are ways of identifying people.
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  12. Hmmm, as I thought. I'm not the only one. Another reason to watch every driver like a hawk.

    No thanks. I want something with brakes.
  13. This is what I do. It builds a record of that driver being a d1ckhead that very well may come back one day and bite them on the arse.

    My most recent one, the cops sent me an email to confirm the CCTV footage they had of the incident a couple days after I reported it.

    Sure enough......there I was, there he was and it was all on tape being a major intersection. I rang the coppers up and confirmed the details. Haven't heard back since (probably 3 weeks ago now).