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Delhi Games

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. So, i been watching this unfold, and i do find it so interesting, the views of those i have chatted too about it, as of yet all of said opinions are from those that have never been there, and i so wonder what they actually excepted.

    The whole living accommodation being deemed not fit for humans, well personally i have searched everywhere for pics (really want too see) from inside, because i feel that the western world has very different idea's to what a country like India deems as standards.

    Sure the bridge collapse is a bit of a concern, not quite sure how i feel about the speed/rush of the pressure to get it finished now.....

    All in all, for me at least i think they have pushed India to create something the country really isn't ready for, if they governing body of the games weren't prepared to accept a much lower (maybe basic is a better word) standard of accommodation facilities etc, why did they award it too India

    I mean you only have too fly in Delhi or Mumbai (and have you can tell from their airports) that they are no where near the standard of western international airports, sure they are starting too build modern western style shopping centres that look the same as knox etc.... but what were they excepting India to all of a sudden jump to the standard of the western world in 7 years?

    India for the most part is a very basic place and i really appreciated how simple it was, and I just sort of feel that the large majority of the western world aren't ready to see life back at it's most basic.

    Interested in others views on the whole should it be canceled, are we excepting too much, and have you been?
  2. I was told the barracks at Singleton were also unfit for human occupation..it was certainly good enough for the diggers that moved out to let the 'boat people' stay there though..I guess it depends on your point of view.
  3. I don't think India was pushed to take the games, I think they lobbied hard to get them. They really can't have it both ways, though, they are either the economic powerhouse of the eastern world, or a backward country playing like they're not....
  4. They are a second world country; somewhere between the fully industrialised, affluent first world and the poverty stricken third world.
  5. Yep, that's a big part of it. My shouldn't the athletes experience that though?

    If you just going somewhere & expect everything to be the same as home, why go there at all?

    I know they're there to be athletes & not tourists, but experiencing the country for what it is would be high on my list if I were to go there...
  6. God Ive got to agree with Hornet!!](*,) India asked for this it wasnt forced on them. They didnt anticipate competitors would want clean toilets, showers that could actually get into and drains that didnt empty into another building? India isnt North Korea. Its not isolated from the rest of the world. Unfortunately nothing happens in India without corruption on a fairly massive scale. That rarely means you will end up with a quality product.India was entirely capable of doing this properly (and still might) but ,as usual, too many involved saw the opportunity fro a fast buck instead.

    They are right about one thing. This result is a pretty fair reflection on current Indian culture.
  7. Can anyone remember either an Olympics or a Commonwealth Games where the lead up and the early part of the event itself was not dominated by concerns, complaints and cock-ups? 'Cos I can't, and my memory goes back to Montreal in '76, where nothing was finished. ISTR some major transport debacles (and a bomb attack) in Atlanta in '96 too. Greek construction delays and Chinese seaweed growth and air quality anyone?

    These events are so bloody big that they will never run entirely smoothly. It's not just an Indian issue. I look forward with interest to see just how big a mess the Brits can make of things in 2012 :D.

    Personally, i tend to think that being granted events like this is is the modern equivalent of the gift of a white elephant, but I'm just a cynical bastard.
  8. India sees the global sporting arena as an incredible opportunity to create wealth but most of all, power. Trouble is, it's not India as a whole that reap the perceived benefits, it's the high ranking "officials" that are lining their pockets. This is evidenced by the incredible pressure that India can and has placed on world cricket. The divide between rich and poor in India is quite staggering, and there is SO MUCH money in the country being used to position India as a power broker of <insert your sport of choice here>.

    I have no doubt India pushed HARD to get these games, and that there are a number of people who have already profited immensely.
  9. I'd be pissed if i was a resident of Ontario, Canada (the other major bidder for the games).
  10. um, i don't think being hermetically sealed inside a "secure" athlete complex for the duration of the games is experiencing anything.

    i think it disturbing that so much is spent on a cple of wks and yet so many within the country are just dirt poor before, during and after the spectacle.
  11. It may be more blatant in India, but it happens everywhere. Huge consultancy bonuses, expenses paid jollies, opulent corporate hospitality, hookers and coke for the big guys. Murderous traffic congestion, random strip searches and tripling rents for everyone else.

    A pox on big sport I say. And that includes F1 and MotoGP.
  12. Personally, I'm just sick to death of the media. When they cry wolf for so long, there comes a time when one simply stops believing pretty much everything they come up with.
    And for those with short memories, remember all the howls of protest and hand wringing that went on over the air quality at the Beijing Olympics? How many athletes ended up dieing due to that? Anyone?
    F#ck the media.
  13. 100% of those who attended the Beijing Olympics, including the athletes, are expected to die.

    Also, anyone and everyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle will die, too.
  14. They also BANNED cars for several weeks beforehand, and stopped factories producing so that the air was (semi) clean.
    The atheletes DID NOT compete in the normal "Beijing" smog.
  15. Yeah, but the antidote to media misinformation is not no information, it's good information. Go beyond the mainstream and inform yourself.
  16. Oh FFS. I spent a month there a few months before the games. Before they shut down industry and banned cars etc etc etc. I have asthma. Puffer morning and night. I felt no different there than home in Geelong. Even managed to climb the Great wall without carking it. Load of bollocks dreamed up by the media to sell newspapers to the gullible masses.
    F#ck the media
  17. Whilst it's not really valid to compare conditions of half a century ago with today, it's worth remembering that it's not so very long since London and other UK cities had air quality not significantly better than present day Beijing. There still exists a substantial legacy of soot blackened and acid eroded buildings more than 50 years after the Clean Air Act. Burning coal in unlimited quantities in relatively confined geographical areas will do that :D.
  18. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/m...risk-of-collapse/story-fn65k7vp-1225928115884

    for me this sums up why i think it's failed, they are so far behind the western world, and i don't think they realised the gap.

    As for the lastest on the collapsed roof (well plasterboard coming down) from my knowledge after serve rainfall anywhere in the world, plasterboard still falls down, so yeah i think the media is really jumping on the bandwagon on this one atm, so i do agree with roarin, bit of a media bet up, shame really because India was amazing place to travel through ](*,)
  19. He he he. I had to laugh today when someone told me about the workers taking a dump in the rooms. Am I the only one that can see the irony of a bunch of spoilt whining westerners grizzling about living conditions, when at a conservative guess about 90% of the indian workforce there would be over the moon to live in such "squalor"
  20. This person needs to give Dell or Telstra a call lol!

    The thing i dislike so much about these games and the world cup is the large number of very poor people displaced to make room for something that will make a minority of their countrymen richer.