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Deleted thread... WTH?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ScooterHoot, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. In the last 15 minutes I have had two 'Service not available' and three 'Message does not exist' displays. The server may have a few problems, perhaps post your original thread again.

  2. Sadly ,yes

    Phffft.... Good luck, the draconian mods here think they are above explaning themselves..
  3. Welcome to netrider :)

    It may have been deleted as it named aother club
  4. If it was because he named another club why do they have so many in the links area ? Its best to wait for a response before jumping to conclusions. He will reply when he is good and ready (which has been told to me before)
  5. I have an idea what one was for but not the other
  6. There is no such thing as freedom of speach in our constitution, that's a merkin concept.
  7. I posted a link in the jokes section to a website called 'big c0cks'.
    But alas, some persons, well everyone really, took offence to it without exploring it.

    If they had been game to have a peek they would have found some fairly erotic[not] pics of chickens in various stages of undress, Ha Ha Ha.

    I was made to feel dirty and copped a warning, pffft!
  8. The PM was about to come, but since you ask here...

    Your post was rejected/deleted for two reasons:
    1. It was about the workings/operations/existance of a motorcycle club. Since your a already an active member of their discussion forum, it's best you ask them within or via their other contact methods first. Looking at their calendar and forums, it was also obvious that your question was easily answered which leads to suspecting ....
    2. It closely resembled a 'spam' post with the direct URL and over two mentions of their name. A little more than necessary for the basis of your question.
  9. Because if your wishing to advertise, that's where it belongs.
  10. The terms for the forums is at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2813. Everyone agree's to them when the register. The rules exist to make the forums a place of enjoyment for everyone, not just those that like picking fights, or reading spam, or abusing others. It's freely available and no-one forces you to participate if you don't like it. We do a good job of responding to everyone, sometimes just not as immediately as some demand. With attitudes from a few such as "mods here think they are above explaning themselves.." and people expecting/demanding us to be at their beck and call, is it any wonder a few people get as equally appropriate responses or non-responses.
  11. My question was answered . Thanks for the reply.
  12. I loved that site , so did mrs mee :)
  13. Sorry twoDogs

    Can't answer your PM by PM as my ability to send pm's has been disabled

    [mod] but your email has not. Rest of message deleted.
  14. TwoDogz

    I think its a GOD Complex, so delete your pm's the mods read them too :)

  15. Cool... so whats the point of a "private message" when its not even private
  16. Utter bullshit, the only way to read your PM's would be to change your password and log in as you.
    We don't know what your original password is as it is encrypted.
    If we did infact read your PM's you would no longer be able to log in because we would be unable to revert back to your encrypted password
    And you wonder why you get warnings spreading bullshit like that.
  17. Please wait for an explanation before listening to just one side of the story.
  18. Vic nobody cares how many girly cars you drive, are you sure you've found yourself in the right forum?
  19. I have seen this issue raise many many times in the other online forum community that I have been a member of for a large number of years.

    Purely in terms of posting on these (or any) forums, please understand that the concept of "Freedom Of Speech" does not exist. They are privately owned forums and the forum owners/administrators can delete whatever they want to delete at anytime they wish for any reason whatsoever. This is nto a free speech environment and you should not ever make the assumption that it is. This is a privately owned and operated forum that is open to the public, it is not a public service provided by the government.

    Please do not confuse that with a statement of opinion as to the validity or otherwise of any admin/mod deletions.

    Posting on these forums is always subject to the forum guidelines.

    Back to the sandpit ........
  20. hmm ok. i Assume when people say something its true :?
    But i forgot people arnt like that