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Delegate to Orbost road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nigb, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. can someone tell me what condition the unsealed sections of the Delegate to Orbost road are in? I am travelling to GP from Sydney with a mate (Triumph Sprint & Hayabusa) next week. if road is too rough I 'll go down Cann River Hwy - Delegate road looks more interesting! We are both dirtbike riders but are more worried about damaging bikes
    Thanks Nigb

  2. Harden up!
    the bonang is pretty good.
    However, the gravel sections are a living thing.
    It purely depends on how much rain there is between now and then, and how much grading is done in the interim.
    You wont hurt your bike, thats for sure, but take it easy in the shitty bits and dont be scared.
  3. +1

    That rd has a bit of everything - love it. Have a fun and safe trip down. :)
  4. Yeah! what I said.
  5. The dirt sections (there are two of them) total around 30 something kays, but when you're doing 40-60kays at best it seems longer, particularly as we're coming out of a wet period of weather, too. So the road might be rough.

    Maybe give a local servo on the route a call, perhaps, ostensibly to ask about fuel and about road conditions?

    The last time that I did it the roads were dry (it was middle of one of the hottest summers that I've experienced), but it wasn't a pleasant run on a large road bike.

    The road is rather winding one and while fun, the smaller sportys can do it better.

    Me, I'd probably go via Cann River. The time difference is bugger all between the two routes. And Cann River has fuel, Mobil and Caltex PULP. So too does Orbost, though.

    Also Cann River route is also interesting for the most part, but has some higher speed sweepers.
  6. Yeah - what you said! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. thanks for the reviews - I'll keep an eye on the weather
  8. It's a road I've wanted to do for ages, (that and the McKillops). Well today I thought bugger it, I earned enough yesterday for two days.... perfect weather, I'll do it.

    The gravel is in very good condition at the moment, better than than the tar in places :)

    Candelo -> Bombala via Tantawangalo -> Delegate -> Orbost -> Cann River -> Eden -> Home.

    Brilliant day's ride.
  9. How are my seals at Running ck, and Six mile looking? I cant believe the disrepair they were in, when they asked us to just "chuck a seal" over them.
  10. Seemed OK, quite a bit of loose gravel, so had to take it very easy, but the potholes are gone.

    It's been busy around here recently - a section of South Wolumla road, coupla Candelo streets have been done, some in Bega I think too.

    Bloody council's jetpatcher has been out and about too...
  11. I know, all me :)
  12. Are you doing it properly?
  13. well weather was good so last Friday morning on way to Motogp we did this road and it was great. 120k of twisties - my arms were aching by the time we got to Orbost. Agree with previous post re dirt sections - not a problem. Have to keep eye out for large trucks though (& Goannas!). Also recommend Delegate pub - bike friendly & dinner, bed & brekkie for $60 each.