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Delayed Reaction Drag Racing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, May 14, 2007.

  1. Has this ever happened to you?

    I was just cruising along a straight two lane road yesterday, minding my own business but was in the right lane doing about 85 in an 80 zone (i dont stare at my speedo, I watch the road) and quietly but consistently passing a few cars in the left lane.

    Some 4wd was the front runner of said line of cars and had no qualms travelling at 5km under the limit, and stayed that way until he was just a spec in the distance (this is a long road).

    As I'm approaching a huge roundabout (gooding drive roundabout for all goldcoasters) in my mirror I see this car coming over the hill and he is hookin' like nothin else, comin at like 140+kph.

    I approach the roundabout, cars are coming so I stop and wait. This guy pulls up next to me in the next lane and tries to like overtake me on the roundabout.

    Being a bike I take off a bit quicker, negotiate the roundabout and come out the other side easily a couple of lengths up on him.

    Then he pulls out into the emergency stopping lane thing and tries to overtake me on the left, where there IS no lane.

    The guy was pissed... really really angry, gripping the wheel, swearing and yelling and stuff.

    When I passed him 2km earlier he had not a qualm in the world, was off in his own little fairy land.

    I was doing 85kph... what hte hell?

    Anyway, he turns off on the next main turnoff and as he's leaving the offramp he's staring at me, I sit up and sorta raise my arms in a "What the hell man!?" kind of manner which yields nothing but a blank angry stare and a promptly raised middle finger.

    Does this happen to you? D'you ever pass someone without incident in a completely (mostly) legal manner (being the 5km deficit in speed) and have them attempt to exact revenge at some massively delayed point in time?

    :?: :?: :roll: :roll: :arrow:
  2. I never stick around to see whether or not some ones pissed off, I usually leave them far behind me very quickly.

    And my iridium reflector visor only adds to anonymity of my facial expressions. I love it, the only thing that comes into contact with their eyes is their own reflection on my visor.
  3. I genuinely think that the figures that we get about drivers under the influence of drugs are grossly understated; I mean there just can't be THAT many stupid, and especially ANGRY people on the roads without some chemical inducement, can there???

    And the idiot who insists on passing no matter what, so he can turn off 500 metres further on, is the worst offender, in my experience :roll:.
  4. Not sure about up there but down here in the Natzi state the grumpyment has spent mucho tax payers money telling us of the woes of traveling at the speed limit and how dangerous it is, the stupid "wipe of 5" or you'll kill some poor dick head cyclist that runs a stop sign advertising is a joke.

    Dont you know the speed limit is no longer whats posted it's actualy 5k less :roll:
  5. I just cant help but wonder what the hell went through this guys head 5 minutes later that made him decide to smash the speed limit by almost 100% over, and hoon his way behind me, try to pass me and generally just drive like a donk!?

    He wasn't a young 'hoon' either, he was easily 30+ years old.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the universal definition for these people is "Bogans".
  7. let me guess, you're on plates?
    insecure men in big cars don't like being ovetaken by L-platers
  8. I had a similar thing happen to me this morning, except it was an old lady who thought I wasn't moving quick enough for her, so she decided to overtake me on the left on a single lane road. I'm like WTF is this biatch doing. I had like 1/2 a foot to the centre white lines. Funny thing was she had a "for sale" sign in her back window with a Mob No on it.

    Paul, everybody seems to have the Road Rage bug in Newcastle, wether its drugs or not, I don't know. :?
  9. I have had a couple of these in my time. Tooling along at the speed limit on a wide single lane road and they overtake you on the left hand side. It can be a little disconcerting. I always hope there is a police car or speed camera just as they do it, but I am never that lucky.
    :grin: :grin:
  10. P plater here, and no plates required in QLD.
  11. It's never happened to me.

    I've had the odd dude who wants to race, but generally it's all smiles and a chat at the next set of lights.

    :LOL: a couple of weeks ago I was riding south, and dragged a bloke in his work petrol Triton 2WDa few times. I outstripped him every time on the bike, but damned if he couldn't launch that bloody thing like a professional - beating him wasn't as easy as I expected it to be :shock:
  12. cool
    in that case, refer back to rule no1
    insecure men in big cars don't like being overtaken :)
  13. I've been sitting in traffic on a single lane road. Traffic creeps, but it's a bit up hill, so I just sit with about 2 1/2 car lengths between me and the now stationary car in front. Guy behind me beeps me. I jump, because I think the car in front has moved whilst I wasn't looking.

    No, still where it was, so I just sit there. so the guy behind drives up the verge around me on the left. so I put bike in gear and go around about 2 cars on the right and pull back in, just to piss the guy off.
  14. hahahaha that's a bit rich coming from a Novacastrian! The land of the bogan/westy/kev! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Have had it happen on the Southern Expressway, hear in Adelaide, just before it merges onto South Road, on the city side.

    They always have a mobile speed trap there, goes from a 80 zone to a 70 zone on a downhill section.

    As I came around the bend, saw the motorbike copper there with the laser gun, so continued to cruise at 70, then as I was coming level with him was overtaken by a guy, in a Commodore, on the left in my lane. Scared the crap out of me, as I was not expecting that.

    Lookup at the bike copper as I went past him and had a WTF look on my face. He just looked back with a blank expression and did not do anything.

    I expected a bit more from him than that. :?
  16. Yes... Well..... Hmmm..... I'm in the 0.00001 percent of people in Newcastle who aren't of the family tree 'homoboganius'.
  17. Just don't go calling them that to their face. MIght not have had a basic education in biology and misinterpret the 'homo' bit! :LOL:

    Perhaps Homoautohabilis would be more appropriate - pronounced brow ridge, sloping chin, and more than four cars parked out front of the dwelling :wink:
  18. Seriously though

    Two kinds of pains in the arse I seemed to come across (riding legally, not asking for it).
    1. People who see you coming in a splitting situation and put on full lock and more the car across to block you (usually makes room behind them which means you get to ride past anyway). Punt road is a favorite for this...something about punt road and all those drivers who've been banked up on alexandra parade in the morning I reckon. Being shouted at to 'get in line', 'wait your turn', etc as you ride by always best returned with a friendly hitler salute, or my favorite, giddyup slapping my own arse. NOthing pisses angry people off more than seeing you happy, and winning.

    2. Then there are the people who want to drag you at lights. Even on my old VTR getting ahead wasn't an issue - sure I could beat them, but typically they would be prepared to speed a lot more than I would so I had to 'let them go'.
    A favorite was the very top end of punt road (Where hoddle joins Queens Parade) - citybound you would often get people racing up to 100 before the road merges to join the heidelberg road overpass. And often enough for giggles there was a plod lurking out of sight on the overpass ready to swoop. A few times I would hang right back so I could purr past the car once they were pulled over and reaching for licence and registration! :LOL: :LOL:

    Driving a cage for a month is really making me miss splitting :cry: