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Delayed learning

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stew, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. Forum introductions are always so awkward.
    I'm Stew, never ridden a bike before, only a 125cc scooter around the Cook Islands (which is where I developed a desire to ride).
    I was supposed to have the first day of Q-ride on Thursday however surgical repair of a mallet fracture puts Q-ride on hold for a while.

  2. What happened to your mullett?
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  3. what a crass greeting, mcsenna

    (and before I got the chance to say the same thing grrrr) :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider, Stew, heal up fast and get out here for some summer fun....
  4. Hope all gets sorted out for you soon. (y)

    And welcome to NR.
  5. Finally, we get to talk about someone's fish.

    Welcome to NR Stew.
  6. In a fit of rage I cut it off...the mullet that being.

    I got kicked in the finger and fractured a portion of the knuckle at the joint. Once the pin is out and a week or so for some healing it should be right to go. It's the clutch hand so shouldn't be as much of an issue.
  7. hope i never fracture my crutch hand
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  8. I probably would have ended it all there and then...
  9. You'll be right digger, get out there. What bike are you thinking of buying?
  10. Its a bugger when you injure your crutch hand.
  11. Thinking of starting with a Suzi DR-Z400E or S.
  12. I have a little mallet on my left hand - you can't tell unless I show you the other one and straighten it out. Old footy injury...
    One of my testes is also slightly lower than the other, but I don't think that's really relevant to this conversation, is it?
    Welcome Stew, I look forward to hearing more of your medical oddities...
  13. NK , you'll be delighted to hear that one of your nuts is meant to hang lower than the other. The dominant nut.
  14. Thanks mate, but I kinda knew that already - sometimes I say things for purely comedic reasons...
    And just for the record, Mr Lefty rules the world!
  15. Got that, thought you might. ;)
  16. You're all dominant nuts!!!!!

    *shakes head* I can't believe how quickly threads become twisted here... scary shyt ahahahaha

    Welcome to NR Stew :)

    Are you hot?
  17. A mallet in your crotch hand... not saying it's wrong, but it's a little kinky.
  18. Welcome

    Is that clutch, crutch or crotch......need more info
  19. I think I'm out of personal medical oddities. Might have to break out some work stories!

    My Mum thought I was cute...once.

    Thanks HB, next time I'll just say left.
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  20. Back on it! Ready to go this Sunday, pumped!