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Delay between throttle and power

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jim24x7, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    Noticed over the last few days the following symptoms:
    • On start, bike is having difficulty idling
    • When cracking throttle (in 1st) large delay prior to power transfer to tire. It sounds/feels like it is really struggling. This is unpredictable.
    • Stalled her for the first time in years on a ride on hour ago.
    Riding a 2011 cbr1000rr, very concerning and frustrating.

    The only change in my behaviour has been a recent move, which has forced me to store my bike outside. It has been under the really heavy Sydney rain for the past 2 weeks.

    Any thoughts / suggestions ?
  2. It's a honda.....needs mollycoddling, wrapping in a warm blanket every night, and like most females never stops complaining when left out in the weather for more than a few minutes....

    just joking...

    water in electrical connectors
    wet or damp air filter

    are just the first 2 possibilities that spring to mind
  3. Possibly running lean down low. If the bike is EFI give her some injector cleaner in a tank of non-ethanol fuel and a nice long run.
  4. Thanks for the fast response D.Angel and Mike8863.
  5. +1
    sounds like a lean surge.
  6. Update

    Stalled on start, whilst I was waiting for the temp to hit 50 degrees, then stalled on me three times riding home today (in the rain).

    Got a real problem on my hands. Bringing the 24,000km service forward, scheduled tomorrow.
  7. Fuel starvation; blocked filter, failing pump (if it has a pump), blocked tap and or screen (if it has one), sticking needle and seat (if it has carbies).
  8. idle speed?
  9. Let us know what they found...
  10. water in the tank maybe? Could be fouling the fuel, and then everything the fuel touches.
  11. ChesterCB you go it. Water contamination. Apparently they have a similar model being worked on right now with the same problem.

    The seal between the fuel tank cap failed under the heavy Sydney rain.

    Fuel has been drained etc.

    This is a relief was very concerned that it was going to be much worse.

    CBR owners, make sure you cover your bikes !

  12. That's a good result!
  13. Thanks for the info. Handy to know.