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Del Rosario helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gurbachen, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, don't know if you've heard of these guys before (although search didn't come up with anything, I'm sure I heard about them here), but they're currently looking for Investor Letters of Intent to support them when they try to get bank funding. They stress that these letters are in no way binding, it's just so the company can show that they have interested parties and an approximate amount investors are willing to put in for shares/helmets. They have some really funky helmet design mock ups that they'll hopefully be able to follow through on. See them here on facebook


    or here on their official site


    Personally I think they look super sexy, although I'm sure they'll undergo big changes for the sake of realistic production. Anyway, the letter thing is just a statement of intent, basically signing a petition almost. Here is the letter of the email text for a better idea of what's shakin'. Contact them on facebook for your own copy with the Letter of Intent or give me your email address on here to forward it. I'm mostly just signing up to get the damn thing off the ground and see if they can deliver :p

    "Hi Everyone,
    That time is near! As some of may already know we've been working nonstop with our attorneys and numerous financial advisors for the past few years and especially these past few months to craft our manufacturing timeline. To our great advantage, January's passage of the JOBS act by congress (http://www.forbes.com/sites/work-in-progress/2012/04/05/jobs-act-to-jumpstart-the-job-market/) will take effect this December. During these months, the US SEC will finalize operating rules and regulations giving us enough time to go over the last few details before the public offering.

    In preparation before outlining and releasing some shares to the public we are working with financial lenders to acquire as much first-stage R&D funding as possible. This stage should take a couple of months. At this stage, the bank has asked us to provide some forms outlining our financial goals for December. This is where YOU come in. If you are not interested in buying shares of Del Rosario LLC or to distribute helmets when they become available, simply disregard this e-mail. If you are indeed interested in purchasing shares or helmets when they become available, we kindly ask you to fill out what is called an "Investment Letter of Intent" (LOI). If you are not familiar with this type of document, THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT, this is simply a two page letter stating that you may possibly invest in our company if given the opportunity. To reassert, this is in no way binding. All we ask is that you assist us in strengthening our case for the first round of financial funding from the banks. It tells them that there is an actual interest and backing out there for our product and that there will be enough interested parties for the second round of funding through the sales of shares this December/January.

    For those that haven't been briefed on any updates yet, as soon as we secure the right amount of funding we would be able to begin tooling and mold production. This will allow us to build all the updated "full-face" industrial head tools in the sizes we need in order to mold the helmets. There have also been multiple updates on the shells and new designs within the past year. We've also got some "three-quarter" and "half" models planned for production, they will have all new graphics and features, the ones you see on the facebook page are nearly two years old and have been greatly updated since then. Those designs will still have some units made, just some slight updates.

    Something else we're working to implement is a comprehensive "customization" process where YOU choose your own shell, external add-ons such as spoilers, air intakes, internal add-ons, colors, graphics. The nearly infinite process will mean that no two will be alike.

    As soon as we get any news we will definitely write up a schedule. Our mechanical engineers and other few designers are giving all their best time and effort to whenever they can to make sure we're a
    success. Once we have a production schedule I will promptly make sure to contact everyone. We'll know for sure as soon as I get some word from my financial people and attorneys.

    This first round of funding should give us the amount we need to gather some marketing and introductory materials for you the potential investor and or distributor. The funds would also allow us to cover all the patent costs we would need to protect some of the new designs before we make them public. This may even take us as far as some pre-production models. As the December deadline draws close, we will then have more details available as to the pricing of the shares and the type (A or B class). We should also have some info on international rules for investment, it's all up to the SEC at this point.

    Please read the attached document carefully and share with your friends, family and forum members!

    1. Download and read the attached LOI document carefully or consult with financial advisor (it is in MS WORD format)
    2. FILL IN ALL FIELDS IN RED and delete the fields that don't apply, This is a non-binding preliminary document, you're free to change or cancel any amounts at any time. Just fill in to the best of your knowledge.
    3. Also, do not worry about exact figures. Share pricing and helmet pricing have yet to be set within the next few months. A general figure on how much you think you may invest in a helmet or share is fine.
    4..Electronically sign then upload and re-send the signed document as a reply e-mai. Example of electronic signature: /John Smith/
    5. We'll keep you updated on all the developments as they become available.

    Thanks again and we all greatly appreciate your support!
    John + The Team
    Del Rosario LLC"

    P.S. Just so you know Takamii, I don't share their whole 'All other helmets are boring' line, I just think their helmets are funky so don't hate me please :D
  2. No offence taken

    Just a few comments from me

    "Something else we're working to implement is a comprehensive "customization" process where YOU choose your own shell, external add-ons such as spoilers, air intakes, internal add-ons, colors, graphics. The nearly infinite process will mean that no two will be alike. "

    In Australia every model or option or combination on the helmet has to be tested and proven to pass the AS1698 standard - so if they have an infinite number of combinations of shells/vents/spoilers (graphics are not important ) every single combination that they will offer will have to be tested before it could be on the market in Australia

    In saying that I find it highly unlikely they will do this as this will mean they will absolutely haemorrhage money to get approval on each helmet combination.

    They can do it in the USA because they can "self certify" however ( and I am currently unable to find my proof to back this statement ) a few companies have done this and when they were randomly tested and audited by the FMVSS ( Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) their helmets were found to be as effective in protecting you as would paper mache.

    Don't expect to see them in Australia in the near future at all.
  3. Ive always wanted to look like a power ranger when riding my bike...
  4. FUGLY as. . . I couldn't wear that in a pink fit!

    And yes I'm sponsored by RHOK Helmets, but even if I wasn't that's the ugliest piece of kit (In MY-ever-most-HO) so much so that if it was THE only helmet available I'd have to consider quitting motorbikes....LMAO

    Don't get me wrong though, glad the OP likes it....I can't see them being able to customise it too much though otherwise as Tak mentioned each design would need certifying??
  5. Well to each their own I suppose :)

    Tak, do colours matter in terms of all that approval stuff? It'd probably end just being like No Vents/No Spoiler, Vents/No Spoiler, Vents/Spoiler.

    Like I said I have no doubt their current intentions won't survive contact with the real world but I'm still very interested in where they end up, hence the LoI
  6. I think they look cool, Would love to see some cool (gimmicky) features in helmets like push button visor opening and stuff like that lol.
  7. colours and graphics make no difference to certification

    in my helmets I added an extra small plastic mould for the lycan version around the top vents to give the eye a 3d shape - it mounts using the same holes and screws as the top vents (in fact it slips under the top vent ) but is considered by the standard as a totally different model and had to be certified as a separate model
  8. I thought it looked familiar!

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  9. I'd imagine the endless variations they promise would boil down to spoiler/no spoiler then however many colour schemes they want to offer, so not outside the realm of possibility for them to get testing done for two different helmets. They might just give up after trying to adapt their designs to real world conditions *shrug* still worth a look imo
  10. been looking at these for ages, they look awesome.
  11. If i saw one of these on a rider i would have to be near a support pole as i would likely fall over pissing myself with laughter
  12. yea i will agree, cant say these helmets appeal to me at all, if i cared more about how cool i looked on my bike i would be tooling around on a deus with an open face helmet and fashion leather jacket. Not wearing something that looked like it came out of a fancy dress shop.
  13. It's not about looking cool, it's about feeling cool, just like riding a motorbike is about the feeling, not how badarse you look on it. I don't look at it and think 'Oh man I'm going to look so cool in/on that'. Honestly if no one wanted to feel/look cool, every bike would look like shit because no one would pay for aesthetics

    Just out of interest Takamii, what do you think of the technical aspect of their designs? Is it a revolutionary new technology as they claim, a pipe dream, or just another variation on the common theme?
  14. to me it honestly looks like a helmet made for Princess Leah in Star wars with side extensions for her hair buns

    The front aspect appears flat and wide which is not a good thing for trying to cut through the air - this also adds to drag and neck fatigue as it will be pushing your head backwards

    it also looks very bigh cut at the base of the rear of the skull which too me means it sits higher up and could have a tendency to be removed from the headform in the "roll" test - meaning testing if it slips of the head easily when force applied

    I can see the princess Leah side buns creating both turbulence and noise as well

    but then again - what the hell would I know :)
  15. H3re is one article I was talking about earlier


    Wheels - The Nuts and Bolts of Whatever Moves You
    April 28, 2010, 4:29 pm 8 Comments
    Motorcycle Helmet Maker Forced to End Production

    On its Web site, the motorcycle helmet manufacturer Advanced Carbon Composites warns buyers not to trust helmets made in China or India and instead to buy its American-made models. But the company’s helmets have been recalled so many times by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, that the agency has demanded that the company never make another motorcycle helmet.

    The agency’s demand stems from what the it says is the company’s failure to properly carry out three safety recalls since 2005.

    The recalls involve about 17,000 helmets that failed to meet safety standards, including puncture resistance. That resulted in the agency’s accusing the company of violating “various provisions” of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The problem was worked out with a consent order signed at the end of March by the company’s president, Kim L. Davis, that did not deny the violations.

    Mr. Davis also agreed to the agency’s demand that Advanced Carbon Composites stop designing, selling or manufacturing motorcycle helmets. In addition, motorcycle helmets can not be designed, sold or manufactured by any company of which Mr. Davis owns 3 percent or more.

    Mr. Davis, whose company is based in Orlando, Fla., did not respond to several requests for comment.

    According to the consent order, here’s what happened.

    In 2005, the company notified the agency that during testing, it found that its EXT 001 helmet did not provide enough protection to meet safety standards.

    As part of its recall effort, the company changed the interior of the helmet, which it designated as a new model, calling it the EXT 002. Then, rather than replace the defective EXT 001 helmets it had already sold, Advance Carbon Composites modified them, a move approved at the time by the safety agency.

    But the modified and recalled helmets still did not meet safety standards. Neither did the EXT 002. So in 2007 the company agreed to also recall the EXT 002.

    The company then modified the construction again, called that helmet the EXT 003 and retrofitted the recalled EXT 002 helmets.

    Those helmets still didn’t meet the safety standard. The company agreed to another recall in 2009, this time of the EXT 003. Once again it modified the design of the helmet, but that didn’t work, either.

    About five years after the first recall, N.H.T.S.A. undertook a civil enforcement action against the company, leading to the consent order. Under that order, the company has agreed to refund the purchase price of those helmets, and N.H.T.S.A. says “under no circumstances” is the company to try repairs. The company will also pay fines totaling $10,000. If the company does not comply, the case will go to federal district court, according to the consent order.

    Meanwhile, about two weeks after the consent order was completed, Advanced Carbon Composites notified N.H.T.S.A. that its model EXT 004 didn’t meet federal safety standards, either. The company says the owners of those 645 helmets will get a refund, not a repair.
  16. I meant more the design in terms of what they're talking about in this page from a magazine that's on their facebook page here. Not exactly concrete info, I can make shit up about renderings too, but it'd be nice if it were true that they actually have this stuff. Thanks for the review though. Like I've mentioned, I'm sure the design will get radically changed when it becomes a real world thing instead of just renderings.


    I'd just like to point out that I am in no way encouraging people to buy these helmets, nor am I making any claims about how safe they will or won't be. I was just looking to inform people that they're looking for non-binding expressions of interest. My entire stake in the whole affair is that I think they look cool and would like to see how they end up :)

    P.S. About the article you posted, that's pretty scary. Would that kind of thing get off the ground here though? I'm not naive, I know there's a decent chance it doesn't work it, but it'd be nice if they do succeed :) Maybe they actually do have safer helmet tech, won't know until they try and fail/succeed *shrug*
  17. There are already gels out there produced in Japan that can stop a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a second story window

    and believe me I have already looked into 12 months ago

    however the trade off is the weight of the gel - too heavy to acceptable for wearing on your head
  18. Well according to the article the design ends up being lighter and thinner than conventional helmets but I'll believe it when I see it
  19. Hey Tak, did you know that AS1658/whatever it is had a review recently? :-k