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Deja vu near SMIDSY

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Orb, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. My SMIDSY from earlier this year almost happened again, in exactly the same place, with nearly the same circumstances.

    The differences -
    Conditions - around 12:30, sunny day, perfect visibility. Last time it was 06:20, low light, otherwise perfect visibility.
    Bike - Posty bike in the usual colours, myself in the "HOW CAN YOU NOT ****ING SEE ME?" yellow posty outfit. Last time I was on my white DR650, black jeans and jacket.
    Cage and cager - different make, but size and shape very similar. Driver was an elderly male as opposed to elderly female last time.
    Last time I relied on the driver seeing me and the horn, got T-boned.
    This time I found an escape and went straight for it, then blasted the stupid bastard with the horn after I was out of T-bone range. pulled over a second later and looked back, he was stopped dead in the middle of the road, no doubt wondering where that bike came from.
    Impact of high vis clothing - sweet **** all!

    Ride safe people!
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  2. Sorry to learn of this, mate. What's the damage?
  3. I managed to get out of there before I got t-boned this time and I was on the posty, so if I do get hit Oz Post chases them down.

    It's almost like the VicPol/TAC "68 in a 60 zone" add - I was in an accident, thanks to the actions of an idiot driver. Today I got too rewind - The set up for the near SMIDSY was almost exactly the same as the "real" SMIDSY.
    But this time I was in high vis clothing, on a high vis bike, with a high vis flag even.
    So first I get SMIDSY'ed and killed, because I wasn't wearing Hi-vis. Rewind. Cue slow mo, cue the cop saying "now lets look at the crash again, this time if the rider had been wearing hi-vis clothing and riding a hi-vis bike, instead of wearing black clothing". Then the driver would have spotted me, stopped, ect ect. But this was reality, not a BS safety add. The Hi-vis did nothing. I spotted the danger, found an escape, buffered and sped up to get out of there. It was my riding that saved my skin. If i had relied on the driver spotting my Hi-Vis ass I would have been hit again.
    Could almost call it an experiment, a test without and with Hi-Vis. That's how close a set up it was.

    Maybe this could be used as evidence against compulsory Hi-Vis clothing, I would be happy to write up a report or something to be read at a hearing. I posted this mainly as an "evidence supported" warning for others here, don't trust Hi-Vis! The only thing that's going to save you is your riding! Hope the message is a bit clearer this time.

    Damage to my bike from last time was a few scratches, a bent shift lever, twisted forks (even if a shop has had your bike for a month to do repairs, check if your forks are straight before leaving said shop ](*,)) and a few big ass bruises on/in me. All good now.
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  4. Good to know you made it through unharmed. No amount of high-vis will work if the driver doesn't know what to look for.

    It is always a prudent idea to formulate an escape plan when approaching a vehicle and be mentally ready to deploy it. In your mind, executing the plan should take precedence over the horn blast — but I'm sure you know that :)
  5. I don't know if it's made any difference, but every time I see a car that I'm really keen to make sure has seen me I start weaving.

  6. I'd be reluctant to think they'll use it as evidence against hiviz because you didn't get planted.
    I doubt they'd even acknowledge there was an issue because you know how to save your ass
  7. The one thing I want everyone to take away from this is that the horn is absolutely useless as a disaster prevention tool. It's a waste of brain power, as you now realise, and I would disconnect mine if I didn't need it to pass roadworthies.
  8. Orb, glad you made it safely.

    Are you going to raise an Aus post incident report?
  9. Yeah evidence was a poor choice of words. Testimony perhaps? I do this for a living so my word should have some weight in these matters.
    Horn blast was an after-thought for when I was out of danger - because screaming obscenities at traffic gets me in trouble 8-[

    Wasn't going to, he didn't hit me and I would have had to go chasing him to get his numberplate. So it would be a waste of time.
  10. At my work place we record every near miss and investigate them. Reducing near misses means you reduce the actual incidents in the long run.

    AusPost is touting a reduction in motorcycle incidents due to the hi viz gear. I think your near miss would be a good one to have on Aus Post's database - so long as there's no negative flack back on you. (I've heard that since the big safety roll out, many posties have stopped reporting incidents due to the paperwork head aches and unofficial discouragement.)
  11. Agreed, and a great point Rob - my workplace has the same policies on near-misses etc...
    And I suspect Orb's procedures would be similar to one I recently performed when an unknown person backed into my truck while unattended; the form is about 5 pages but since there's no damage and you can't identify the other party, the answer to most questions becomes "N/A"...
    Further, I'd see reporting this as a service to all riders given the high-viz debate...
  12. Didn't think of it like that, will have a word to the boss when we next get a few minutes. Recast of the runs tomorrow, going to be busy.
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  13. Talked to the boss for 5 minutes. Waste of 5 minutes ](*,)
    Oh and I almost hit a 4wd when she turned left across my lane. Yay.

    Edit: I'm seriously considering sticking a camera on the posty while dead riding, things are getting that bad out there.
    And it would give me a chance to review my own riding...