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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rye, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Can any recommed a degreaser for use on bike rims ?

  2. How is the rim surface finished?
  3. WD-40 does an excellent job on rims, I'm told by people far cleaner than myself. Just keep it off the chain and tyres.
  4. Gets a bit expensive though Loz.*

    I just buy 4L concentrate and dilute it in a pump up spraypack. Any degreaser should do if you dilute it and wash it straight off. And of course avoid wheel bearings/chain/swingarm bearings etc.

    *Yes I know how ridiculous that sounds when every other bike related item must be paid for with a loose wad of hundred dollar bills.
  5. go to supercheap auto and purchase some of their 'Export' brand degreaser, it is $2 a tin and is bloody brilliant, harsh enough to kill the grease but not harsh enough to kill the paintwork.

    but like any degreaser make sure you rinse it of well
  6. i jus went and bought one from kmart. and yes it did work, No it didnt play with the paint work.. but do get a brush and scrub it .. a soft black plastic one .. not a metal or steel brush .. that'll assist in removing the grime and grease.

    i did that on the weekend and works like a charm.
  7. the 20L drums of Penzoil degreaser in the back container at the depot. they are very cheap, and work unreal :grin:
  8. There's a few companies now making citrus based degreasers. Didn't think they'd be effective but tried some the other day and it worked just as well as the other products, and far better than the cheapo export degreaser I used to use. There's another upside in the fact citric acid won't damage uncoated aluminium like alkaline cleaning products can, and won't leave a greasy residue on your tyres (it also smells nice :LOL:).
  9. Kero does an excellent job on wheels, won't harm the chain o/X rings etc and won't damage the finish
  10. I would describe it brushed aluminium finish, I've tried nifti which lifted the light stuff but it has some grease and grim that has almost imprinted itself on the surface.
  11. thanks guys, i'll give some of the suggestion a shot :)
  12. Well I tend to use WD-40 too and have never had it cause any damage to any surface but as devotard says it's not cheap when used this way.

    General purpose degreaser is certainly cheaper but can, sometimes, make a mess of painted surfaces - not a problem for you here.
  13. I use this stuff called "Dispersol Lite" from work. Heavy duty crap, but it doesn't ruin paintwork or whatever. Plus it's biodegradable, something that you could keep in mind when selecting a suitable degreaser.

    Also, in the old days some degreasers, if allowed to run off onto the lawn when hosed off, could make Roundup look like fertiliser...

    Dunno if that's the case these days.

    As for keeping it away from chains, bearings, etc. that's not such a big issue. The harsh environment that a chain operates under usually means that water splashed onto the chain is unlikely to hurt it. Perhaps if you concentrated a jet blast from a Karcher pressure cleaner, but using a hose and splashing it around, shouldn't be an issue.
  14. WD40 is basically just oil so it won't - but it's not much fun if you get it all over your tyres and/or brake rotors when trying to get the wheels clean.
  15. This alkaline + uncoated aluminium issue..... how much of an issue is it with giving a quick wash down with degreaser followed by water? And by uncoated, I take it a heavy aluminium oxide doesnt count as a coat?
  16. Just oil? Didn't it take the chap 40 attempts to come up with the magic formula? :wink:

    Anyway, it's more a case of WD-40 on a rag than using the wide-spray nozzle to send it liberally in the general vacinity of the wheel but good point.

    And, off course, you'll also want to make sure you wipe it down thoroughly so as not to attract extra grime. All of which might make degreaser sound more attractive. :)
  17. No, it's the aluminium oxide that the alkaline material attacks - which can then cause the metal underneath to be exposed and to corrode. Won't cause any structural issues unless you washed the thing 20 times a day for several years - it's really more a cosmetic thing. On really rough finished aluminium it might not be noticeable but on smoother surfaces you will most likely notice it looking crappier over time (just compare the engine casing of a 10 year old bike with a new one). That's why aluminium often has a clear coat over the top which means alkaline chemicals won't be an issue...until the clear coat is damaged.
  18. Nothing to worry about in my particular case then.

    Thanks for the info. :wink:
  19. Hmmm, a couple of drops when I was wiping down the chain one day ate right through the wheel paint on my Hornet. And then removed the rest pretty happily...

  20. I have painted wheel and kero doesn't affect them at all, sure it wasnt acid you used?
    I have never heard of kero doing anything to pait, imagine what it would also do to the O/X rings of a chain in that case??