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DEFQON.1 - Maximum Force Readiness

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I couldn't find the old thread so made a new one.

    Honestly, this would have had to have been the best night I have ever had. Got there at 10.30, lined up, and was one of the first hundred inside.

    the organisation of this event and the effort in production was simply staggering. Police stopping traffic for shuttle busses from penrith station, both to and from event, continual flow of busses at the end, there was always 6 busses filling at the same time, the only wait between busses was for them all to move and 6 more come in, would have had easily 50+ busses circulating from regatta centre to station and back. There were trains waiting at the station ready to take us all back to city. (Think I read somewhere there were 6 trains waiting).

    HIGH police presence inside the event, (compared to big day out which apparently had high police presence but I only saw three cops inside all day), but they didnt bring dogs in, which i think was also a good move. Plenty of dogs outside though. I only saw two people get done, but friend who came at 3 said about every 3rd or 4th male was pulled aside, funnily enough no females were carrying. Cops were definitely checking both but. Also only had one person ask me for pills compared to 10+ at big day out.

    The production was amazing, definately worth the price tag.

    Really really good day


    Photos are here:
    Is it possible to set it so that all people can view, they dont have to be part of facebook?

    I have vid's from the day, but they are huge. If you want them PM and we can arrange something. Alternatively, does the facebook add-in reduce the size of the vid's before it uploads? I dont want to be uploading several 100-250 mb video's. Camera saves as mov rather than mp4, and when i tried to convert them, it went pretty dodge.
  2. Looks good! i wanted to attend cos ive never been to a rave before but forgot to take the day off from work and it rushed up so couldnt make it.
  3. Yes, at the bottom of the album should be "Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link" with the link below it.
  4. cheers. done.