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Defqon.1 - Anyone else going?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. So, its the event of the year where all parents can point and say "Aren't our kids wonderful, those ones over there are the ones that have gone wild". Well as the great Laslo said, hows your kid going to learn to party at school, mom?

    Last year was pretty amazing, sadly the fascists have done away with the grey stage (old school house), but it should still be awesome. I have no doubt the penrith blues will absolutely put to shame the "strong presence" at the big day out (I only saw two all day) and should keep the lid on what will be a cracking, thumping, shuddering day and eve.

    Any other attendee's?
  2. I hate crouds :p.
    Though i do have a unlimited front row and backstage gold pass to the eagles in melbourne on dec 3rd :p. That one ill put up with the croud for *coughs* front row *coughs*.
    Helps when you have a friend who has worked with them on and off for years ;).

    P.S. my parents were pointing.
  3. mine weren't thrilled either. Well mum wasn't, don't think dad was too worried. Particularly after my 21st.
  4. Defqon 1 hey, just watched the after film for the Netherlands 2010 party on youtube. Looks absolutely ROCKIN!

    Question, do folks still wear phats these days, or are they dead and buried?
  5. I still see people wearing phats, especially those who do the hardcore dancing of the running man mixed with the shuffle.

    I'm pretty poor, with the cost of tickets, airfares and accomodation, I wouldn't have enough to eat or drink...

    take some footage and let us know how it goes. Bring on the old school Hardstyle ravers please :D.
  6. That's awesome! I've only worn my phats once since I moved to rocky, and that was just for a laugh. I agree re bringing the old school. I sure do miss those days, but by all reports, things aren't the same these days, so there's no reliving it :(
  7. If only. What I would give to hear some derb to get cranked out, don't think the people there would have any idea what hit them.
  8. Well I have old school hardstyle cranking in my car every now and then. A whole folder dedicated to hardstyle :D. So I don't miss it overly badly...just miss the massive crowds going nuts.
  9. I used to have a man crush on DJ Compound back in the day. Loved his sets when he was a resident at Krankin back in it's Geddes Lane days. Man it's been a few years. Don't wanna participate in this thread anymore, making me feel old.
  10. im to old for raves thesee days
  11. never too old...just stand and nod.
  12. tap your foot.
  13. yeah i wouldnt mind going,
    hardstyle ftw
  14. Sadly goz, i think i am too, and im not even 30 yet :p.
    I got arrested at the last rave i went to (theres the reason it was the last one :p).
    I was in the process of taking some paracetemols for my splitting headache. I had the pack, the foil with the panamax details on it and everything, and i got arrested on suspicion of taking eckies haha. Stupid cop who arrested me was so brainless he wouldnt know piss from vinegar. Released about an hour later with something akin to an apology, and told to go home. Cop explained heat of the moment and all that. I decided i could respect that, and i had been thinking about leaving anyway because of my head... just didnt need a visit to the bacon factory in the meantime.

    Slight problem though... my car was at the rave :p. [-( i went and got my car.

    edit: never did get my paracetemols back, thieving bastards.
  15. lolol quite funny
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  17. please dont dance like that :)
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    haha, that definitely was not from defqon, and I highly doubt it was from a q-dance event.

    But that is the standard lad dance. It does look pretty gay.

    The standard dance to hardtrance/style is called the shuffle (melbourne shuffle actually), and looks like this


    There is also usually a fair bit of hand movement invovled, they just focused on the technical side.

    It really is a very hard form of dance to master, and to make it look that good you have to be very good.
  19. ohhhhh come on gents, what happened to the gool ol aussie 2 step shuffle
  20. You mean running man? pfft, pretty boring on its own. It's in there, but mixed up with other stuff.