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DEFQON.1 and Hardstyle appreciation

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Hollands Biggest Hard Dance Festival comes to Australia on the 19th of September

    The Sydney International Regatta Centre is located at the base of the Blue
    Mountains, a natural island terrain surrounded by water that boasts all the
    breathtaking scenery we’ve come to associate with the vicinity. It’s a space that
    will help Defqon.1 live up to its reputation as one the world’s most spectacular
    outdoor events.

    The announcement comes at the end of an eighteen-month quest to secure the perfect
    site that reflects the true Defqon.1 spirit, an event that this year in Holland
    managed to sell out 40,000 tickets within 30 minutes of them going on sale. Not
    only does the site look gorgeous, but they’ve guaranteed it features all the
    necessary amenities for the masses as well as being well serviced by public

    The Defqon.1 Festival is an event that’s designed to excite and celebrate the
    harder styles of dance music, and it’s earned a reputation as one of the world’s
    premier dance festivals over the past eight years. The massive response from
    punters to the Q-dance parties since Easter last year has convinced the team that
    it’s the right time to take the next step towards staging something on a larger
    scale, and they promise they’ll deliver a party that’s every inch the authentic
    Dutch experience.

    Red - Mainstage:

    * Zany
    * The Prophet
    * Noisecontrollers
    * Fausto
    * Nitrouz
    * Max Enforcer & The Beholder
    * Brennan Heart
    * Deepack
    * Davide Sonar
    * Alpha2
    * Donkey Rollers
    * MC Ruffian

    Black - Hardcore:

    * The Viper
    * Art of Fighters
    * Endymion
    * Dj Decipher
    * Noize Suppressor
    * Evil Activities
    * Tha Playah
    * Spellbound
    * Kasparov
    * MC D

    Orange - Hardtrance :

    * Jowan
    * Vandall
    * Dr Willis
    * Joop
    * Mark Sherry
    * Bio Weapon
    * Alex Kidd
    * K90
    * Proteus
    * Amber Savage vs Nik Fish
    * MC V

    Grey - Oldstyle & Early Rave:

    * The Prophet
    * Neophyte
    * Public Domain
    * Pavo
    * Sasha
    * Gizmo
    * Chester
    * Paul Holden
    * The Viper vs Frank E & Mars L
    * MC Losty

    Purple - Upcoming Hardstyle:

    * Nathan Criptic vs Imperial
    * Suae vs Pulsar
    * Dexi vs Daniel Velerium
    * Matrix vs Xdream
    * Scotty G vs Cantosis
    * Yennus vs Soul T
    * S Dee vs Audio Damage
    * Competition Winners
    * MC Destiny

    I cant wait. So glad noisecontrollers are coming, it made my day.

    Noisecontrollers - Yellow Minute

    NC - Attack Again

    D-block & S-Te-Fan - music made addict

    Wildstylez - Music or Noise
  2. I won't be going, but that is a KILLER lineup.

    Noisecontrollers, Brennan Heart, Jowan, Vandall, Alex Kidd and Proteus will be unreal.
    Zany/Donkey Rollers will be great as always, but not worth mentioning.
    I think that the main stage will be all Nu-Style, not proper old school hardstyle.

    Orange stage will be excellent.
    My mate Soul-T on the purple stage will rock as he always does.
    S Dee vs Audio Damage will be fantastic. Very very VERY good local DJs.
  3. Would love to go, but moving into my house that month, so will miss it :-( shame though. Would have love to go, bloody awesome line up.

    phong =P~
  4. A ticket to this event will be my son's 18th Birthday pressie :shock:
  5. arnt you on a cruise woman?
  6. did she say she was going?

    im not a fan of much hardstyle. i dunno. just alot that i've heard is shitty banging, not good music. more into the trance side of things.

    have to check out some of the line-up on youtube etc, and make up my mind :)
  7. I gotta go look-up hardstyle......I am old!!! :dance:
  8. Nah, the cruise isn't till December :wink:
    Still nervous about my baby's 1st interstate trip with mates....especially to a rave :shock: :?
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  10. If there is one that will be safe to go to it will be this. its more like a festival than a rave - in that it goes from miday to midnight, not from 10pm to 6 or 7 in the morning, and with 15000 people instead of a few hundred.

    From experience i would imagine there will be a significant police presence even inside the festival, not just at the doors.
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    Bloody hell!!! no way!!! :facepalm: ..I'll just stick with me happy dance!! \:D/
  12. I have no idea what you are all talking about.
    but I like this dance :bannanabutt:
  13. Out of curiosity, does anyone on here get in to mixing/DJing at all? I love my house and trance (not so much a fan of hardstyle) and ive recently started mixing. Its very very addictive!!
  14. Il be at mainstage for NC, Brennan Heart and probably fausto. might check out zany and prophet.

    Would like to see pavo and prophet on the early rave stage, and maybe public domain - no idea what they will be like.

    Other than that il be checking the hardtrance at orange then whole time