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Definition of tortue/cruel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fuggit, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Well i would have to say it's something like this , i had too stay back at work on thursday night till about 11:30 pm and my boss said i could have friday orf :D well i was a happy chappy. Now i know my new bike is in the bike shop so i'd thiught i might be able to pick it up but the owner says its yet to be registared and i kinda said okely dokley and he says i did say monday i would pick it up and i says BUGGER well my prediggament is i want my bike it's sitting on the on the showroom floor just waiting for me too twist that throttle open in PURE joy 8) damn how tortoueous is THAT GODDAMMIT well i suppose i'll just have too hang on till monday now :D

  2. "Patience, Iago.."
  3. pleasures postponed........
  5. That would work for me! I suppose you wouldn't want me to tell you about a little blast up Macquarie Pass this afternoon, then???
    Only two sleeps to go, eh?
  6. :LOL: no i really dont want u to tell me about your little blast :p oh yeh i forgot to mention i work 4 days then have 4 orf so i guess i'll be getting some quality ride time in hehehehe :p oh and no amountof grovelling will make my boss let me have sat and sun orf for your tamworth ride BUGGER :cry:
  7. my bike spent nearly 10 weeks in 2 diff shops, i even rode a pushy twice.
    but dont get me wrong any time without a bike is torture
  8. Tell him he's a soul-less nerk who needs to lighten up; I mean, you only get one life and you NEED to spend most of it RIDING!!
    Watch for the report, anyway, and NOW, it's only ONE sleep to go!!! (Piccies please of the proud moment!!)