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Definition of "Speeding"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Exceeding the posted speed limit

  2. Riding too fast for road conditions regardless of posted speed limit?

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  1. Now... as we know, semantic argmuments are really annoying and generally the only way to solve a matter of definition if by popular opinion.

    So, is "SPEEDING"

    A) Exceeding the posted speed limit?

    8) Riding too fast for road conditions regarless of posted speed limit?
  2. I'm pretty sure that the law consideres 'speeding' as riding in excess of the posted speed limit.

    however the police consider 'speed a factor' if a person was riding in excess of what is appropriate for the conditions.

    you won't get fined for speeding if you take a corner with a yellow sign stating 50kph at 80kph if th speed limit for that section of road is 100kph.
  3. Pretty obvious answer according to the road rulz....regardless of what happens, 9 times out of 10 police can always be quoted saying "speed was a factor"

    can get done for dangerous riding/driving tho
  4. "Speeding" is exceeding the posted limit...

    If you crash your bike for some reason, then you were possibly "Going to fast" for the road conditions or circumstances at that given time.

    I tend to be a bit of a "speeder", as I often find myself over the posted limit a little bit (easy to do, and I hate spending more time watching the speedo than I watching the bloody road!!)...but that DOES'NT mean I was riding "too fast"...
    Just IMHO. :grin:
  5. I generally consider the Oxford English Dictionary to be a fairly authoritative source... :LOL:

    1908 Evening Star (Washington) in Daily Chron. 7 Oct. 4/7 Baby carriages are required to carry lights at night in Chicago. That rapid city may yet find it necessary to provide special police to keep the baby carriages from speeding. 1911 Daily Colonist (Victoria, B.C.) 2 Apr. 2/4 It was decided that everything possible would be done to assist the authorities in enforcing reasonable regulations regarding speeding. 1922 J. A. DUNN Man Trap ii. 24 Driving a car about the countryside at the expense of many fines for speeding. 1977 E. W. HILDICK Loop xvii. 115 The copper... He's been trying to get you all afternoon... I hope you haven't been doing no speeding.

    Seems the original use of speeding refers to a vehicle travelling at excessive or dangerous speed as determined by the authorities. Therefore exceesing a speed limit is by definition, speeding.
  6. I hate this saying. Speed is a factor in all vehicle accidents. If the vehicles involved in an accident weren't moving (at speed), they would not have had an accident in the first place. The saying should be "excessive speed was a factor" or "speeding was a factor".

    Oh yeah, I'd have to agree that speeding is exceeding the posted speed limit.....not matter how crap the posted speed limit may be.
  7. R4mR0d...I hate the saying too, but put it there cause it has burned a hole in my brain.

    it's just like "speed kills - what's your excuse?" or "you have twice the chance of having a serious crash traveling 5 km/hr over the speed limit"

    Statistics are a wonderful thing...given an equation long enough you could draw an elephant given any 2 pieces of data.
  8. coming to think of it...last night had a cop car tailgating me on the way home...at ~9pm at night. Obviously at that time of night, you cannot easily identify a police car behind you because of the driving lights. Was probably hoping I would speed up. After a good 800m, he moved onto an L-plate driver...then the next before throwing a U-turn without indicating.

    I would consider that baiting people.
  9. Ummm both.
  10. Hehe, a mate of mine did a Mathmatics degree and was a Statition....and he said that stats can be manipluated to show what you want them to....I think that very fact saved his arse a couple of times in his job.....
  11. Speeding is exceeding whichever is the lowest of the two pseudo-alternative poll questions
  12. We all know that 87.6% of statistics are just made up :LOL:
  13. Speeding = Faster than the posted speed limit or faster than is sensible due to conditions (Whichever is slower)
    Being a F#$@ing hoon = Really pushing it to the point where you have limited control of the vehicle and will end up a smear if even a small thing goes wrong

    I personally feel I have not been a F#$@ing hoon on the bike (Can't vouch for my off-road car time though) I have allegedly exceeded the posted speed limit, but feel I have always maintained a speed in line with conditions.

    I think the other question here is when do we go from "going a little quick" (Probably should get hassled by the cops and a slap on the wrist) to speeding (A Couple of points and a fine) to a danger to society (take the license away and give them a swift kick up the arse)

    The current government obviously doesn’t believe in the first of those options. Ironically (in my view) I think they are quite lenient on the last of the options. I personally think there should be greater allowance at the bottom end, but that once someone is doing 60 above the limit it should be more than 6 months off the road. (Yes it could be alleged I should have had the book thrown at me along those lines)
  14. Yep had that happen with an unmarked car before. I flashed break lights, he got closer, I slowwed down he flashed the red and blue. I pulled over, got out and stated he had been tailgating and that i wanted his badge number. Conversation lasted les than two minutes and he was on his way (I heard nothing further about his threats of giving me a ticket (He never really identified the charge) Some cops are good, and some just need to take ther head out of there arse.
  15. Sgt Paul Friend of Adel said that speeding is exceeding the posted speed limit - the signs that contain a black number surrounded by a red circle or the "end speed limit" signs (100km/hr). Black and yellow signs are "advisory signs" and taken as just that...not considered speeding if you exceed their value so long as you follow pt 1.

    As with going 20km/hr below the "posted speed limit" or 20km/hr over an advised speed limit, you can get done if your actions are deemed dangerous to others - again up to police discretion.

    It's that simple guys :roll:
    Ring the guy up and ask on 5AA or something - he's happy to say it again and again.
  16. The offence of speeding is definately exceeding the limit. Of course what constitutes a "safe" speed has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a number on a signpost and everything to do with road condition, type and condition of vehicle, driver/riders ability and mental state etc etc. Just a shame Police don't worry about the drivers doing 100 in a 100 zone when it's wet/icy until after they crash and kill someone.
  17. what you really mean is

    1. Speeding (number on dash bigger than number in red circle on sign)
    2. Excessive speed - too fast for conditions regardless of the number in the red circle.
  18. Exceeding the speed limit is NOT speeding. I can do 75 in a 60 zone quite safely. :grin:

    Oh wait, thats the other thread. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    (EDIT) Sorry, I couldn't resist :p
  19. Try reading what it again mate, thats what it means... :grin:
  20. I should mention that the guy had to pass me at ~70 km/hr in a 60 zone to tailgate the next victim...and the next. Wasn't an unmarked car tho - maybe he was going somewhere...but I didn't get that impression the way he eyed me on the way past.

    And this my friends is how we manipulate the stats regarding speeding...thanks to the road transport association of NSW for putting it in writing:


    note that this is not the road act definition of speeding...just what they use to help "plump" the stats