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Definition of a Legend

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. So I was lanesplitting down High Street Rd in the shitty weather today, coming up between a red '80s mazda and a late-model black SLsomething Merc on the right.

    Lights go just as I've committed to getting through, mirrors move out of the alignment I'm expecting, and my right handlebar smashes the crap out of the passenger mirror on the Benz.

    I follow the guy to the next lights and pull up beside his window. "Pull over mate, and I'll give you my details."

    Driver: "No buddy, she'll be right. I'm sure it'll pop right in." I look over at the mirror, noting the expensive electronic looking shit hanging out.

    Me: "You kidding mate? I've buggered it right up."

    Driver: "Don't worry about it mate. I'm a rider myself, just got a Virago. I know what it's like, it's a shitty day to be riding, don't worry about it. Bloody nice bike, by the way."

    Me: ".....faaaaaark. Thanks mate. Yer a legend. After you then."

    So if you're out there mate, and you check the posts on Netrider, thanks again, yer blood's worth bottling.

    Funny, If I'd had the presence of mind, I'd have aimed at the Mazda instead.
  2. Ahh Crap.

    Here I was expecting to see my name listed in this post :(
  3. Aint you the lucky one then, a bloke I used to work with as a courier cleaned up the mirror on one of them Benz the one with the indicator lens in it. $1,800:00 thank you very little.
  4. Damn u a bloody lucky, tatts ticket for you. One ticket out of jail thankyou very much.
  5. i bet it was a lease car or company car :LOL:

    anyway it was nice of him to do it
  6. I think you're right too, grob. Still.... :) Hell of a relief. I was following him along doing the sums and coming up with figures like Folma's...

    Dayum. Tatts ticket it is.
  7. ... or he was a drug dealer who doesn't technically own the car nor is it insured, so he didn't want anyone snooping??? :shock: :LOL:

    Your one lucky SOB Loz!
  8. Definately lucky. Good chance the car was leased and as such it is definately in the drivers best interest not to damage it. Recon Jezza's theory could be pretty close though...
  9. Further on hitting cars while lane splitting...

    A mate of mine managed to take off the front spoiler of a commodore with his rear footpeg.
  10. Vic everyone knows you're a legend!

    In your own lunch box! froflmao!

    Here comes #4!
  11. BG, your lucky we don't the US law of "3 strikes and out" :LOL:

  12. Wait till he wakes up and finds his front forks on his bed
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Expect a visit from the PURANA task force.
  14. what a champ!!!

    Did you refer him to netrider at all? Sounds like the kind of person we need in here to balance out the rifraf we have at the moment. :D
  15. I resemble that remark! pmsl!