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Definitely NOT LAMS approved!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonyE, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. The Vyrus 987 C3 4V

    The power to weight ratio is about 1022Kw/Tonne...

    More powerful than a Desmosedici - lighter than an R6...


  2. Which direction does it ride in? :)
  3. nice scenery
  4. Looks like it could land a mono pretty well
  5. Hmmm Hub Cantered steering…
    I get it, I just don’t know if I like it
  6. Tease. ten bloody characters and all that...

    Edit: I like this bit in the article: “Everybody will be able to ride it without killing themselves,”

    I like how he said will, not should, or might or sometimes!
  7. Perfect bike for trips to the beach......in either direction
  8. Looks comfy.
  9. i think i just saw one of those sitting at A1 in Ringwood
  10. Awww nuuu! Beached izzz!
  11. My first thought was "wonder how long it took before it fell over in the sand".

    I like the look of it, but I'm sure I'd sit on it facing the wrong way more than once :)
  12. One day I want to ride a centre-hub-steering bike and make up my own mind. The science says lots of good things, but no-one's been able to sell one successfully yet.

    The bike looks striking, and the scenery, as stated, is awesome; nice computer wallpaper, actually......
  13. very hot looking bike.

  14. Hub-Center Steering, you mean. Link.
    I liked this on the Bimota Tesi 1D, and still love the way it looks today. I would love to have a go.
  15. Can't agree with most here about the looks of that..... thing.

    I find it Supa mega fugly with a mouldy mango twist. Hideous. But, each to their own.
  16. Yeah, but don't you ride a tractor...by choice? :p
  17. I wish! :LOL:

    But seriously I'd love an old Fergie.

    And also, Tractor pulling! Whoo-hoo!

    But no, don't ride a tractor. :D
  18. it was the bimota i saw at A1 in Ringwood for the sake of correcting my booboo.

    if these things are the future then it looks bright to me... quote "More powerful than a Desmosedici - lighter than an R6" ...i mean **** yeah!
  19. Good luck selling it in France...

    No weight shift at all? I would like someone to test that in the middle of a corner...
    edit: having a look at it, depending on the balance of the bike, there actually may be no weight shift under braking, an extraordinary achievement if true.
    Is it just me or does it look like the front has two sets of calipers per disk?