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N/A | National Define and Legitimise Motorcycle Filtering - Online Petition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rider5, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. There's been a huge amount of discussion over this subject in the past and I'm sure there will be in the future. At this time there is a paper before the Vic Transport Minister that calls for the definition and legitimisation of filtering. It sets out the benefits and details a relevant and recent sample of the research that supports the case by demonstrating that the perceived danger does not exist and that trained and safe filtering by motorcycles is beneficial to the larger transport system.

    Hopefully you will see in this thread an on-line petition for those that support this initiative. We ask that you show your support by adding your name and in so doing add your voice.

    This petition is going to run for 1 month with the objective of getting 10,000 names at least. The first rush of enthusiasm will probably and inevitably start to slow after this weekend. If this thing is going to work, then it is critical that those who have already signed do a little extra by making sure they make themselves weekend target by forwarding either the FB link or the petition link to at least 6 riding friends.

    To those who have already signed, thankyou for your support - and lets keep this thing rolling by pinning the throttle to the stop and changing up rather than shutting the throttle and waiting for the thing to stall.

    First 48 hours = 1268


    Join the facebook community page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Define...02206979873414

  2. Re: [Aus] Motorcycle Filtering - On-Line Petition

  3. Re: [Aus] Motorcycle Filtering - On-Line Petition

    Absolutely support this!
  4. Re: [Aus] Motorcycle Filtering - On-Line Petition

    i'm signer #5! wooooooo!

    am sending this shit to facebook too - 100% back this!
  5. Re: [Aus] Motorcycle Filtering - On-Line Petition

    I'll sign, but...

    From this. In this thread.

    Better off writing individual letters IMO.
  6. Done, and forwarded to other riders where I work.
  7. Done.
  8. ...done and posted on FB.
  9. Signed
  10. Signed & forwarded.

  11. Re: [Aus] Motorcycle Filtering - On-Line Petition

    That's when it comes to writing an MP. Petitions are different. They can be presented to Parliament, however they need a member to endorse them and present them to the house. I hope the organiser of this one has that in mind, otherwise even half a million signatures will be useless.

    Source: http://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/work/petitions/petitions.htm
  12. done and forwarded :)
  13. You are signer #46
  14. Signed ! (#66)
  15. Signed, forwarded to various social networks.
  16. The publicly available comments are very positive and worth a read.
  17. Done and posted to FB.