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Define a Long ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Davo, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Someone got into symantics recently and as this board has a wide range of riders I thought it might be best put here.

    In your opinion, ( this means you at your level of experience and doing the ride now) how far is a long ride in one day.

    You see a long ride to a newly licenced rider may be 50klms and whats wrong with that. It's 50klms further than cagers who don't ride.

    But what do you consider to be a Long Ride and why.


    Type of bike,

    Age of rider

    Length of time licenced

    ... ust to give some basis.
  2. I'm not going to compete with Davo, 'cos I know of his exploits :LOL:

    Bike: Hornet 600

    Age of Rider: 56 at the time

    Length of time licensed: 31 years. (19 year non-riding gap included)

    Ride: Wollongong to Tamworth and return inside 24 hours; 1228kms

    Route: Wollongong to Wilberforce, Putty Road to Singleton, New England Highway to Branxton, then Gresford, Stroud, Gloucester, Walcha via the Thunderbolt's Way, then Tamworth via New England Highway.

    Return Route: New England Highway, F3, Ring Road Three round Sudney, F6 to home.

    Time: Departed Wollongong 5:30 am
    Departed Tamworth 4:30 pm
    Arrived Wollongong 1:05 am the next morning.
  3. Ok I'll play :p

    Commuting : 115ks a day
    Social ride : 150 - 300 a day
    Good ride : 500 - 700 in a day
    Longest (so far) approx 1500 [ two up ] **in one day** 18hrs in the saddle Coffs Harbour to Hastings.........
    It was a sunday with no outgoing flights from coffs and a M/inlaw that just had a heart attack. ( yes she survived )

    been riding on the road since 17 ...... now 42 you do the math :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Paul just to clarify, I wasn't so much asking for who does longer rides but what each member considered a long ride.

    Does that make sense ?

    Like a few years back I did 700k in a day and thought I was friggin superman. If someone asked me then I would have said 500-700k was a long ride.

    Everyone is going to have a different answer and thats what I am interested in, I don't want a "my dicks bigger than yours" topic.

    ps I am not going to add mine.
  5. Ok, in that case I reckon 500-600 in a day is a long ride, but that said I've done three trips to Melbourne in the last year that were around 950kms in a day each way.

    My experience has been than you surprise yourself with what you can do. N1GH7-R1D3R from Wollongong here had not even ridden his 250 to Sydney when he rode with me to Melbourne, over 900 kms, in a day! And he did the return leg in a day too!!
  6. Had L's for two weeks, typically do 100-150 just cruising around my area in a day.

    But I usually ride somewhere, go home, go out, home, out, home, very broken up, so a 'long' single ride would be 50kms.
  7. For me, been riding for 12-13 years.

    A very short ride is anything less than 150kms.
    A short ride is anything less than 250kms.
    A decent/average ride is anything between 250-450kms.
    A long ride is anything from 450-650kms.
    Above 650kms in a single day is not a problem for me, it just doesn't happen that often due to family/work committments.
  8. My definition as it happen yesterday is quite simply after two weeks you are on some loverly twisties then get stuck in a touristy 10 car one bus slow dance up and down a mountain... Then the longest ride was that last five meters.... and the dread you feel is knowing that there is 20km of mountain road to go... :cry:
  9. For me, 450 - 500 kms is enough, the most I've done in a day is about 600. Personally, it's not the distance, it depends what bike I happen to be riding on. When I had bigger bikes, 600k was not a problem. On my current ride, 250-300k is enough thanks very much!
  10. Can members list what bike please, it makes a lot of difference, Goldwing and 150cc Scooter will give different answers don't you agree.
  11. Sorry, sir :p

    Type of bike - 1982 Triumph Bonneville

    Age of rider - 31

    Length of time licenced - 11 years
  12. hey davo... its simple yours is a sports tourer? single headlight 1000cc... larger seat, more upright sitting position? with a 20L+ tank? then you should comfortably be able to pull down 350km+ return rides... its justa question of stamina, the roads and possible passenger problems.

    but as I said I stupidly went up tamborine on a sunday and was cought up in traffic... that 5m was the longest of my life...

    On my tt I will hopefully be pulling riding 500+ by the ned of the year... i have some maintanace issues... I may even go for my iron butt next year.

    Type of bike - 2001 Triumph TT600

    Age of rider - 25

    Length of time licenced - 3.5 years
  13. Longest i've ridden so far, on my CB250, is 400kms in 1 day.

    that was in May, so I'd been riding for 8 months.
  14. Ward, I know what I can do and what I consider a long ride, Paul is aware of my rides.

    So its more a "what do the general members think"

    ps if you are going to do a IB ride let me know if I can help in any way, PM me.
  15. Hyosung GT250 naked
    Long commute 100kms plus per day [I do 125kms]
    Long weekend ride 300kms plus

    Oh I am on my learners
  16. A long ride can seem long if it is straight, boring and with nothing to do except, well, ride. If it has twisties etc, you can really get tired from having to concentrate more, yet the distance can feel longer. I can easily do 250-300 kms on twisties/country roads even though it is mentally taxing, but give me a straight road and I've had enough after 150-200 kms. Definetely depends on the bike you choose to ride and your tolerances to it.
  17. Age 45 - Sports touring type bikes (Bandit 1200S, Guzzi V11).

    I think of a short ride as under 200kms.
    A good ride as 200 to 400kms.
    A long ride as 400 to 600kms.

    600-1200kms I mostly only do when slabbing it between capital cities.

    Anything over 1200kms would only happen in an emergency.

    Longest in a day? 1650kms (but that was 10 years ago).
  18. Couple of variables - bike, type of road and of course experience which leads to confidence.

    Main roads, freeway and Nullabor is obviously different to riding secondary roads, dirt roads and of course 4WD tracks. So now, kms travelled is not as important to me, due to concentration level required to make it up or down the rockstrewn hill. Two blokes I rode with the other week had enduro bikes that couldn't sit on tar at 110kms so after my dirt ride with them of 170kms, they found some more - so maybe hours in the seat, be a better gauge. Having said that in the last four years, I've ridden quite a few times for about ten hours - on the Harley, Caponord and most recently the KLR.

    Twenty years agon when I was in the Army - and on my GS750 did about eight interstate trips (Melb-Syd and Bris-Syd) and just about all of them were riding through the night.
  19. I'm 42, licensed I guess for about 25 years but with a 15 year non-riding gap in there. I'm on a Spada at the moment, which is definitely not a great long-distance tourer, or was ever meant to be.

    My daily commute is about 70 km round trip, so 35 each way, and that seems short to me, and is always fun. I did a 300 or so km ride day with a bunch of Netriders a while back (in which I added probably an extra 80 to get to the meet point and back on top of what others did), and I enjoyed that a lot.

    Certainly we did Melbourne-Sydney lots in the cage when we lived in Melbourne, and will likely do Brisbane-Sydney a lot. I'd do that happily in a day on a bike if I had the bike that would make it comfortable... so I guess maybe 500 in a day would be a big ride on the Spada, but on a decent sports-tourer 1000 would probably do me fine. Beyond that it becomes (for me at least) about endurance rather than enjoyment.
  20. Doesn't make too much difference to me. Suzuki GN250, Kwaka ZZR-250, ZX6R, Honda VTR1000F, Yamaha R1, the bike changes but my definition of ride distance classification doesn't.