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Defence Force

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gofast, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Hello netriders

    For the defence force members
    What are the better positions in the military, i want excitement, i've seen them jump out of planes, i want to do that. I am considering Airforce apprentice plumber, 6 years. Also Driver transport Army and Combat signaller Army. I would like to go infantry but also need qualifications(anything for outsideworld) when i leave so fire away.
  2. Become a large haulage drug transporter. It will have your heart pumping, and you will probably get killed doing it one day.
    I only suggest it because reportedly, the risks are the same but the pay is better.
  3. are you offering me a job?
  4. somehow I doubt that fixing the plumbing involves jumping out of planes...
  5. You could even start it through the army - get a transport job based in Afghanistan...
  6. I'm a bit confused about what you want but perhaps you could jump out of a truck in Afghanistan with a plumber.
  7. Become a Clearance Diver. You still get trained in the same skills as infantry, learn how to fix pipes (under water) get your red ticket and blow shit up and if you do a stint seconded to TAGW get to jump out of planes and other high up things. Just be very motivated, be able to think for yourself and be fit.

    Have a look at the literature on this job in Defence Jobs: http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/navy/...m_content=image&utm_campaign=clearance_divers
    Good luck with your choice. :cool:
  8. cheers mate it looks interesting
  9. Bear in mind that what you want to do and what core (job) you actually end up doing after recruit training may not necessarily be the same...

    Recruiting will spin to get you in. Maybe it's changed since I've been in, dunno, but they decide at the end of recruit training which job you do and unless you've done exceptionally well at recruit training you probably have no say in what you end up doing.
  10. I have been trying to research a similar thing. It seems to me that if you enter through the Reserves, qualify for your position and then transfer to full time it removes some of this risk. i.e. If you don't make it, you're still in reserves with limited obligation.

    Can someone confirm or deny?
  11. Think mate:

    1. In 14 years of Service, i still have no say on where i go. Joined at 16.

    2. I was only "half trained" as a tech so i cnt "use it in the outside world"

    3. Been in both Navy and now the RAAF, so far i havent seen anyone jump out of planes. Saw people fly out of a Hercules when my ex farted in it whilst loading pallets...

    4. Plumbers dnt jump out of planes. Neither do Infantry,signalmen or anyone other than COMMANDO'S. Also your spanner and drain thingy may get sucked up into the engine intakes. U could become unpopular with pilots after that.

    5. Tried to get out 7 times, AFTER my contract finished. Still waiting.

    6. Missed 12 out of 14 Christmas's. Had to delay my wedding 4 times due to "Operational and Service Commitments"... and i also missed my divorce proceedings. Not upset about that, though.

    7. Hard to sustain a permanent relationship coz i keep having to move or deploy and do dangerous stuff that may hurt or upset the ones i love.

    8. Have to do exactly as i am told, whether i want to or not, whether i agree or not, whether it hurts me or my family or not.

    9. Have to pay for my food, room, clothing, no tax breaks, no special discounts.

    10. Been to Persian Gulf twice, got a bit banged up, lots of ugly things, lots of pain, lots of tears, loss of mates made along the way, just finished my therapy, 6 years later. But guess what? You are a SOLDIER FIRST!

    11. Difficulty in socialising, difficulty with speaking to non-military people. Been institutionalised so long, i have trouble comprehending social nuances and i am painfully naive sometimes. I mean for chrissakes, i am obsessed with IKEA, sniffing supermarkets(long story) and coffee!!

    12. And guess what?? I WILLINGLY signed up for all this! I loved and wanted to protect my country and all this was added on and NOT in the glossy poster or brochures.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think, RESEARCH and educate yourself properly before you decide to sacrifice your life. TAFE is the only place you will get your "outside world" quals.

    I am sorry to be so harsh. But this is the meat of it. If you plan on leaving, save yourself the pain and just go to TAFE... and take up sky diving as a hobby. Then you wnt have to worry about p*ssing off pilots with your flying spanners.

    I await to hear about you and your plumbing from our pilots, LOL!!!
  12. :shock:

    I was thinking about signing up to the reserves when I get back. I've been given a lead to possibly train them in unarmed combat so was thinking it will be a good way to see first hand what they do.

    Sounds pretty harsh Daylan... ouch. However, you signed up when you were 16 so I can understand why you have social difficulties now. It must be tough.
  13. Dnt mean to be harsh to the poor little guy, but i just dnt want to see another disappointed face. Research and information is the key!!!

    Reserves is a great idea though! I have NEVER seen a Reservist that is upset with their job... maybe coz they get a break away from it, LMAO!

    Yep, joined way too young. Personally, i reckon the minimum joining age should be 20, so at least you got some life experience under your belt. That can never be bought. So i found out the hard way.

    If you are a Reservist, and transfer to full time, you still get the "soldier first' attitude, and also, you may get slapped with a longer contract to serve out before you are eligible to discharge. If you guys want i can pull out the manual and maybe PM the info to you.

    Hey Dougz, u can try out your combat stuff with me! I LOVE OSST!! I know we are strapped for OSST Instructors and they get the AFP course which ACTUALLY IS CIVILIAN ACCREDITED!!

    Damn it, now i am excited for you.... LOL!!

    Trying to imagine gofast flying out of the back of a Herc with a plumbing belt on is cracking me up!! Good to see your into multi-skilling gofast!!!
  14. Whilst some points you make Daylan78 are valid, you certainly sound bitter about your time in. Whilst I had good and bad, overall it was a great experience. I spent most of my time at 1RAR and went to Malaysia in 91 and Somalia in 93 - both fantastic life experiences.

    3RAR are a para infantry battalion (Holsworthy, Sydney?) - get posted there and you will jump :grin:

    If you're married you get a heavily subsidised rental property (married quarter) and living in barracks R&Q (rations and quarters) is very cheap also.
  15. Navy don't have that. You are recruited to fill the job. The uncertainty of which job I would get was one of the things that turned me off the Army. I would have gone nuts if I got an office job. :roll:

    That being said I know of cases where recruiting, keen to fill the spots, would spin shit to get someone to fill the job that they may not have really wanted.
  16. And the uncertainty was what stopped me becoming a pilot in the RAAF when I left school. I should have backed myself.
  17. hahahaha basically if im not doing much else then learning to be a plumber in army i mays well stay in Perth but also i must consider getting an apprenticeship is proving difficult a.t.m if that makes sense
  18. I was just thinking this, I've got some mates in 3RAR and knowing them is the reason i won't enlist :LOL:

    From what i've heard, you get stuffed around ALOT and you get piss all say in anything. One of my mates contract runs out early next year and he's contemplating going AWALL now because he's sick of it.

    It's interesting to see a soldier discussing the difficulties in socialising, most of the blokes i speak to just see the general public as lesser individuals and have a severe lack of respect for them. That was a really honest take on army life Daylan, appreciated.
  19. The military is staunchly hierarchial - it has to be - if you can't take orders or accept someone telling you what do do (even if they are an idiot) then it's not the place for you.

    Going AWOL is not a good idea. He'll never be able to get a govt job in future and probably a bunch of other things he can't do. When he gets caught he'll spend time in MCE (Military Corrective Establishment). That is NOT a place you want to spend any time. Tell him to wait for his time to be up.

    Info on MCE. They make it sound not too bad - lol. Oh, and when gets sent back to his unit after this his don't expect any sympathy from his colleagues.
  20. Spelt it wrong again! :LOL: You'd be surprised the amount of times i've been corrected on that mistake just to make it again. :LOL:

    He's usually not really bothered by whats happening but there's some bad politics going on ATM which i think is hurting the lot of their morale. I think he just tells me his thoughts on it because he knows that i'm not going to give him the typical "sit down, shut up and do as you're told" response. I did suggest waiting out the contract though. He's got dreams of joining the overseas private security ranks and making a penny though... I think he's just dreaming and thinking out loud but you never know...

    btw all my info on this whole debacle is just from picking up rumours etc. from talking to people. I know piss all about the workings of the unit and what i get is just the soldiers gasbagging and letting off steam so if anyones reading this and it hits close to heart, don't take it too seriously, these people are just my drinking buddies and the info i get is not always credible so take it with a grain of salt please. :wink: