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VIC Defective Cops at the Island...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. The weekend's only just begun but there are already plenty of reports coming in of the thin blue line acting thick down at the World Supers.

    If you've been robbed by the coppers at the island post it up here and share it with us so we can how ridiculous things are getting. Of the people I know there has already been at least six reports of defect notices being handed out. If the Island is motorcycling mecca then the infidel is trying to over run it.
  2. And include whether its a fictitious fine as well,
  3. good day to head for the hills then.
    their mobile circus can't be in two places at once.
  4. They just don't want people travelling to Victoria to spend money, do they?

    The F1 running at a loss, so why not the bikes as well.

  5. One VicRoads appearance for a fender eliminator. (Not me, someone else)
  6. Fenders and rear reflectors seem to be the main issue.

    I can only presume that the greater Melbourne area is totally safe and free from crime as this can be the only reason why they can spend so much time and effort at the supers. FFS, there is no crowd control issues, no anti social behavior, not even major traffic problems but they have enough resources available to stop bikes for routine checks to fine bikes for eliminators? Since when did tidying up the back of your bike become such an issue that they csn devote this much time and effort.
  7. what a ****ing joke, seriously.
    meanwhile, back in Melb, citizens continue to get routinely robbed, bashed, stabbed etc, because the force is fully extended to writing fines for bikes without reflectors.
    surely the rank and file have had enough of this BS. signed up to serve and protect.
  8. Been wondering if I should get a read reflector for my Daytona... bought it 2nd hand from a dealer and it didn't have one but the receipt states "Guaranteed sold free of defects" :p
  9. And that other person with the fender problem was also offered a $300 voucher for training
  10. Wtf is going on in your state? That's petty, mindless crap.....don't think it happens nth of the border, and has made me think twice about riding down to see the moto gp or super bikes
  11. Just wait till the road traffic boffins get in a room together for their annual meeting... this cancer will spread. Getting the bikes off the roads to reduce the exposure part of the accident equation is what this is directed at.

    Having a tail tidies has very little to do with decreasing safety, but as pointed out to me recently by the TMU, it's against the ADR's and they're duty bound to enforce the law. The thing is, all it does is promote a very negative view of the coppers and in the bigger picture, it's only setting things up for a "war" and creating agro.
  12. I believe there was a bit of this at Bathurst back in the day but my memory might be failing? I certainly haven't experienced it though.

    They do seem a bit mad down there...
  13. I don't know, I got hit in the chest by a stone the other day when following a tidied R1. A longer fender might have improved my safety. :)
  14. That was your fault for not maintaining the suggested 3 second gap ;)
  15. Actually in the ADR 42/04 (General Saftey requirements)

    3.1. This national standard applies to the design and construction of vehicles
    as set out in the table below.
    3.2. Where the requirements of a particular part or clause do not apply to all
    vehicles, the relevant categories will be identified in the part or clause

    It could be argued that aftermarket mods are quite legal, unless there is a state law against such a thing. (lawyer types need to look at that, I is not one, and this is only my opinion not that of a lawyer).
    So as long as the bike meets the standard during importation or manufacturing in Australia then it is fine.....

    Would like to know if the fuzz are pinging the 4x4's where the rubber comes out past the fender (also in this ADR). It is an interesting read, think if what the fuzz is doing to bikes alot of cars would also end up with a yellow piece of paper the world might be a safter place for the rest of us.

    *Scratch 4x4 stuff, is a different part of the ADR
  16. Driving back from the annual Bathurst 1000 you could bet on a radar at Holbrook & breath test at Albury.

    Plus the breath testing as you drove out of the track at 8am on the Monday.
  17. VicRoads are going to be busy over the next few weeks. With heaps of motorcyclists fronting up with perfectly legal bikes.

    A huge waste of time and resources.
  18. Well I had a great 3 days at Supers... I find it funny that their was a group of 20 odd riders about 20k north ALL pulled over with only 2 police officers there..... TELL ME THEIR NOT TARGETING BIKES...


    2 lanes in 100 zone,,, bus pulling over "LEFT" and 4 cars inbetween,,,, I go to change lanes to avoid the breaking bus and compressing cars,,,,, POLICE car back 50m in right lane and in my right mirror,,,,,,, as i indicated HE DID FLOOR IT and sat on my right side,,,,,,,,,,, I pointed at the bus that was now half off the road,,,,,,I looked at them several times, shook my head at him and flapped my arms all over the place for a good 200m,,,,,,,,, when we got to the next u-turn opportunity they turned around

    WHY DID THEY SPEED UP AND BOX ME IN???? and dont give me the usual shit ""they might of had a call" rubbish... If they had a call they wouldent of slowed down and sat next to me for 200m !

    To that officer...... DONT DO DUMB SHIT AROUND ME !!!!!!! **** OFF AND DO IT ELSEWHERE PLEASE !!!!!!
  19. Please explain. If I take you at your literal meaning they were doing something both generous and beneficial? Or are you talking in code? Something doesn't add up.
  20. i am heading down that way next week.. when does the superbikes finish ???