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VIC defected, no rego sticker and undertail tidy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by alexjkoro, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. took the bike out for a ride on Monday for the first time in 2 months. Got pulled over by a bike cop, seemed to be a nice guy but did defect the bike. The rego holder fell off a little while ago and i never bothered to replace it thinking they'd just check the number plate and it would come back registered. So apparently $130 is the fine for not having a flat reg holder (read, tube ones are not legal in vic so i got told) and $300 for not having a reflector and no fender. After I take it to Vicroads I'm planning on replacing the fender again and attaching a reflector under the number plate. Does anyone know if the police have a system where it records warnings without fines on these kind of things? And if attaching a reflector at the bottom would deter getting pulled over?


  2. Some will book you, some won't.
    Ya take ya chances.
    Only been pulled over twice. Licence & rego check (in tube!)
    A smile & have a good day :D (y)
  3. Ive heard a larger diameter tube that doesn't force the label to overlap itself is ok.. but if the label overlaps then you are up the creek..

    Also it needs to be rotated so that all details can be read without touching it .. so this being the case you will have to expect the person in blue to bend their knees.. (if you have the date section facing up and the details section facing rearwards if mounted to the back of the bike).

    Its a reasonable request to make to the person in blue to bend down as they probably would have to anyway to read a flat mounted label.
  4. No.
    Just smile & say, Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir!!!
  5. Cops at their best protecting the citizens! Good to see.
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  6. Oh.. sorry.. i thought this was assumed knowledge for the topic.
    and dont suggest sexual favors.. just wait for the suggestion to be made :jerk::smileysex:
  7. Those stickers are the dumbest goddamned thing VicRoads does, and that's saying a lot. They send you the fuсking sticker before you even pay the registration, so what's the damned point?

    1. Make it all digital, the lazy asses can check it any time.


    2. Only give the sticker when it's been paid, and LET US ATTACH IT TO THE FUСKING REAR PLATE.

    I know that hating everything about the US is the cool thing to do, but this is 5,810 times more logical than what the dipshits over at VicRoads do:

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  8. i agree ^^^^ move onto digital recognition
  9. No no no.....Californian smog laws are the pits, don't give 'em ideas.

    Texas in the other hand...85 mph speed limits :applause:

    And here in sunny South Aus there are longer any rego labels, they have forgone a revenue stream for no reason. Very odd indeed.
  10. no not really just rising revenue in a different way since that came into effect the number of fines for unresisted cars jump up a shit load

  11. Well yes, CARB is one of the worst things in history, I'm just referring to how every place not run by complete mental defectives handles the rego sticker business.
  12. What's logical about what California does?
  13. yeah... god knows how many dolphins would explode or babies would die if we all rode around with the rego label rolled up and overlapping. Maybe some lawmakers/police thing this is the swinging equivalent of balls touching?
  14. This is why we need qualified label installers, It`s just dangerous & complex to do this shit your self .Leave it to the people who are trained and qualified

    Internet sarcasm ^
  15. I get the sarcasm,but compaired to what was required with lables years ago.First you got a tea cup sauser fulled with warm water.You then soaked the lable in the water till it got slipper and then you slid it off its backing onto the windscreen or holder.You got one go at it and slightly to much presure and it would tear.To get them off reqired hours of scrapping with a brand use razerblade.Now that was bloody hard work.
  16. Getting rid of registration labels is a sensible idea. Which is why Victoria will mostly likely rename them "safety labels" and up the cost 300%.
  17. you have to register a motorcycle ???
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  18. To make $$.

    (in NSW) I was booked for forgetting to replace my label. They checked and found it was registered but gave me a fine anyway. I asked why they could not give me a caution, which seems more fitting for such a minor 'offence', they said they have to fine me, as it pays for the cost of checking. I pointed out that you get the label before you pay the rego and that nothing has to be printed/added to it - so the label is meaningless. They said tough luck and were on their way after writing out a TIN.
  19. It costs me a hell of a lot more to Register my waggon as a commercial vehicle,lets me park in a loading zone for 20minutes.There used to be a notice to this effect on the label.Not any more,I kinda double the parking police are linked to the RTA system to check so I expect to get a fine at some stage.Again guilty and you need to prove your Innocent.
  20. Surely there can be concessions for something like this.. I mean things comes loose and fall off all the time without being noticed. I reckon a warning would have been more suitable, so it gives you a chance to fix it without any penalty. *shrugs*