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NSW Defected for absolute bullshit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Unconnected, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Hey all, so after a great 2000 kilometer trip down to orbost from sydney and back again over the last 3 days, i had my great time completely ruined by a bald idiot of a cop who, at an rbt 5km from my house decided:

    1. my completely stock in every single way rego plate attachment plastic thingo was a hack job done by me to prevent him from reading it, as i said, its fully stock in every way.

    2. because there was some chain lube overspray on the sidewall (not the tread) of my tire, which woud "cause me to lose it the second i went around a bend" (ignoring the fact that i had just gone around 2000km of twisties in the past 48 hours) meant that my bike had some kind of oil leak from somewhere??

    3. Fair enough, i did not have my chain guard on, but he refused to give me a warning for this even though i told him i lived down the road and had it at home ready to go on.

    Anyway, the guy gave me a defect and a $100 dollar fine, which i later found out was optional, considering i was fully compliant and polite and didnt argue, is bullshit. He has also made me go for a full inspection, not a partial one, for reasons i cannot understand. My bike is currently running rich after i ran out of petrol, and i doubt it will pass emissions unless i get the carbies broken down and cleaned and retuned (at least $1k probably more)

    What am i supposed to do? how can i fix something that is completely stock? why is having an oily swingarm (umm, my bike is 25 years old, yeah, its going to be a bit oily and grimy, but not one part of it drops a single drop of fluid anywhere) a defect?

    Seriously, i cant afford this crap, i doubt my bike will pass emissions because its running a bit rich, and if they dont pass my exhaust, my bike will be unregistered for life (you try finding a stock exhaust for a one of a kind bike, it just is not possible)

    what the fcuk am i supposed to do?

    a great trip spoiled, fyi, victoria>nsw when it comes to twisties.

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  2. Um your bike running rich after it ran out of fuel?:confused:

    Pull the carbs off and clean them yourself. take your time and do it in a way that you wont lose or mess anything up.. it really isnt hart

    fit a stock exhaust off another similar bike. some diy'ing maybe needed but you can only do your best

    if it really worries you have the turn check by a shop(it wont be anywhere near that much!)
  3. Some people are just dicks.
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    Firstly, talk to your parents, you may be surprised what help and advice you can get from them.
    Secondly, legal advice. May only be certain situations where a policeman can make you get a full inspection which could be challenged. Just on case take detailed photos of bike showing conditions.
    Thirdly, I wouldn't be worried about emissions, regs in 89 weren't particularly burdensome. Does a full inspection even do emissions? I thought that was only for engine swaps. Maybe source a stock exhaust if it has to get tested for noise or stick some thin mesh over the exhaust exit.

    Glad the ride was clear though, would have been a compete blast.
  5. Thats the short end of the stick he handed you
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    Been in your predicament re Defect Notice previously - they suck, especially in your case where you quite rightly explained your very-conforming bike...and attitude.
    I shrug my shoulders as well at times, trying to understand exactly what 'they' are trying to achieve. I mean, your case sounds completely legitimate !

    It sounds like you handled yourself admirably considering the nature of this guy. One misaligned word from you, which you clearly didn't (he deserved it though ;) ) and no doubt he would have taken another $100 out of your pocket !

    Seek advice mate. Do you have any friends/contacts who service bikes ? You'd be surprised lots of mechanics may have founds themselves in this predicament and/or have attended to bikes after a similar defect was issued. Do your research. And seek as much help as you can.

    Hopefully it's not too big a job for you and that you're back on the road swiftly and without too much expense.

    Those roads are indeed magical.
    Good luck.
  7. Marty, this guy sounds like a wanna-be country cop having a shit day and was carrying a chip on his shoulder. The carbies shouldn't be too much of a problem if you take your time (plenty of how-to's on the Net), clean the swing-arm and if your exhaust is stock, it should be okay.

    All the best mate.
  8. from memory (no i dont have any source) if you get it checked out and at least 1 thing that the cop wrote down on the ticket is BS, then the ticket i withdrawn.
  9. no chain gard is a defect strait of the bat ,,,
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  10. A full inspection is not an emission check, so you don't need to worry about that. It's only that when you get it fixed and checked they will check all things like lights, tyres etc on the bike. It's only emissions if you get a DECC referral.
  11. Anybody notice this happened at an RBT,since when did an RBT allow an Officer and I will use this term loosely the ability to go Bananas with the paperwork.When it was first introduced they made it plain that is was to detect Drink Driving only.I would be spitting chips with this one,sounds like he was pissed working on the holiday.BTW sounds like the major part of the ride went well.If you need bits to sort this R and B Imports at Carringbah imports them.
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  12. What they say when trying to convince the public a new law is a good idea and how it actually works in practice are seldom the same thing. Protip; anything they make a point of saying wont happen will happen immediately upon the law passing.
  13. Stuff your exhaust with steel wool to quieten it down. Also why would your bike be running rich after you ran out of fuel?
  14. HWY Patrol are notorious for defecting your for BS if you don't pass the attitude test, or simply if young and on a sportsbike.

    One hour after I bought a fireblade I was pulled over (doing 5km under the speed limit) and defected for my 'rear indicators being too close together'. I told the guy I just bought the bike an hour ago, pulled out a time stamped receipt to prove it but he wasn't interested and gave me the defect anyway. He wasn't able to tell me what the distance requirement was but insisted it was illegal.

    Got home, looked up the ADRs, measured it and it was exactly on specification. Did nothing, went to mechanic who passed it, paid for that, then to RTA, and paid some more. Despite the fact that there was nothing wrong in the first place.

    Moral of the story? Highway patrol police are a disgraceful, corrupt, retarded bunch of degenerate bullies.

    In your case since its 100% stock you could write a letter, doubt it will get you far. More effective thing is to write an official letter of complaint about the officer's conduct. People letting it go are the reason these morons are still in the force.
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  15. Cheers for the reply guys, for a start, yes i do deserve to cop something for the chain guard as i just took it off to make it look nicer, i knew it was an ADR when i did it, but nobody said a word until yesterday and considering the huge numbers of bikes that dont have them, i think most cops dont really care.

    My plan of attack so far is to go to the RTA with some pictures of the back end of my bike in a magazine from the 80s showing the fact that my fender is fully stock standard, and then have a rage about the fact my swingarm is a little greasy from 25 years of accumulated chain lube and road grime, and that i had lubed it JUST that morning and the chain was extremely loose (i had to hume it from gundagai because it would not have made it home otherwise, and once i got into sydney and had to slow and speed up a lot it got worse and worse and worse) so it was flinging oil all over the side wall of the tire, which i will say is a 90 section and very tall, no risk whatsoever.

    After i speak to them, depending on what they say or can do (im not expecting much/anything) im going to go down to harborside lac (mosman cop shop) and find the officer who gave me the tickets, there are only 3 HWP cars there so "fat bald ****" should probably get me the right bloke (of course i wont really say that, i always pass the attitude test) and then have a go at him for calling me a liar and accusing me of hacking my bike up with a saw. Then im going to make a complaint to his snr sargent as he openly told me he loves pinging bikes and loves messing them around because apparently we are all a pack of lieing fcuks to him.

    Then depending on how thats going to go, obviously im exaggerating how i will actually phrase these things because i cant express my true feelings to the police with out more hassle, hopefully i can cut it down to a part inspection or somethign like that.

    ill probably write to the SDRO and ask them to lift the fine for the above reasons.

    As for my bike running rich, not sure why it just seems like i ran out of fuel and my bike has run like shit ever since, i think i pulled a bunch of rust from the tank (which i know exists in my tank) into the carbies or fuel filter something, really not sure, just circumstantial, but it runs like shit and smells like an old outboard motor.
  16. When you go in make sure you take a written complaint. Verbal is not good enough and very easy for it to go absolutely nowhere.

    If the defect was for the chain guard just live with it, if it only states its for the fender, go in with photos and include this with the officer misconduct complaint.

  17. possibly, (one of) the float(s) in the carbies has got stuck to the bottom of the bowl. that is if you ran completely dry
  18. What an absolute turd. And I know it's no comfort, but even the rest of the police force consider HWY Patrol a bunch of fcukheads. Quote directly from a cop I know;

    "Highway patrol are where we stick the revhead fcukwits because they only joined the force to drive around like a prick and think they're tough shit. They are the laughing stock of the force. We can't get rid of them, so they go to the highway because having them anywhere else would just fcuk up even more shit. They have poles up their arses and can't work with anyone else."

    I'd be writing a complaint as you said and taking this as far as your energy will take you. If you can get to anyone above him that is not involved with HWY patrol, you'd be surprised at how compliant they'll be with having a chance at getting him in trouble.
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  19. This surely has to be an April fools day joke.
  20. That sucks dude :(

    When u say chain cover do u mean the one on the swingarm or the front sprocket cover?

    That's why it pays to keep the thing clean looking, but it can't really be helped after a 2,500km adventure

    I had a highway get me today but he was pretty decent. I went past him on the back wheel and he only did me for neg.