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Defect on a Motorbike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BRD007, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I am intrested in putting some personal touches on to my bike.

    I'm wandering if there are certain rules that apply to bikes or certain restrictions that are not allowed to be installed?

    If there is, is there a link that can give me a detailed overview of the exact restrictions?

  2. To my knowledge, you can do some things, streetfightering is alrite if you do it properly, changing fairings and such is fine, you cant remove safety features, but you can add them. Fender eliminators are a no no, indicators have certain spacings, your rego play must have a light shining on it. You can change gearing and such.

    It would be easier to give us a list of the things you want to do, and we can say yay or nay. you can also try your state transport website, as they will have it there somewhere.
  3. Ok.

    This is pretty much what I have planned for now:

    Under bike LED's, either hardwired to the braking system or controlable via a switch.

    Train horn or somthing simmilar in loadness. Just to get people attention.

    well thats it for now. so is it Yay or Nay.

  4. I think the led lights are illegal unless they are going to a switch and are only for show use, meaning not on while moving.

  5. Train horn has been made illegal by me as you are going to give some old lady a heart attack :LOL:
  6. Spot on about the lights.

    Horn is ok, as long as it doesn't protrude and cause a padestrian hazard
  7. Don't forget the trailer to mount the petrol powered compressor to run a train horn :LOL: Have you got any idea the pressure and volume of air required to get those proper train air horns to work :?
  8. [​IMG]

    Attach one of these babies.
  9. I would RECOMMMEND that you upgrade the horn on your bike; most are so pathetic they wouldn't alert a new-born baby at a distance of 10mm!! Go to a wrecker and see if you can get a set of ex-BMW FIAMM Electric horns (they're a bold, red colour, and very compact, so they won't stick out and be obvious). Get them wired through a relay to ease the load on your battery, and watch the dozy cagers scatter when you press the button!!!!

    LED lights? I don't think you can link them through the brake circuit, or run them while the bike is moving..
  10. I was thinking of putting LEDs with a switch on it. But all the LEDs would prob come after I fix up my bike up to a good condition.
  11. Hornet, Hornet, Hornet.. :roll: :p FIAMM horns are weak. Stebel (www.stebel.it) are the way to go:

    BRD007 - Make sure you wear earplugs. :wink:
  12. Sound pressure level as perceived by the human ear doubles approximately every 10 decibels (or 1 Bel), not every 3.

    The power of the sound making device doubles every 3dB, but the perceived loudness, which is what we are concerned with, doubles every 10.

    But yes, 139dB is still very loud :)
  13. are fender Eliminators considered a deflect? I didn't know that!

  14. I think you mean to ease the load on the wiring. power consumption will the be the same, actually more to power the relay aswell. :wink:
  15. rather then some one posting the ADRs again, try doing a search

    sorry there was just alot in it, just try fender eliminators, there is plenty of info on here
  16. The idea is you need a mudguard to stop shit flying up into vehicles behind you.

    So if you fit a fender eliminator you should fit a hugger that wraps around to the 3/4 point on your wheel.

    That would be legal, but most huggers are much smaller then that these days.
  17. i think this is also why some of the big offroad beemers (GS DAKAR models) have and extra guard mounted of the back of the swingarm.

    the body is so high the normal mudguard doesn't meet he rules perhaps.
  18. thanks for the clarification - yeah I had a feeling it was to do with slinging crap all over the road behind you.