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NSW Defect Notices

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by R1ben, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Ok so I was smart enough to get a sequential integrated tail light/indicators and fender eliminator for my '11 Yam R1.

    Eventually I will get defected. I will be changing everything back to stock shortly just havent had the time.

    Question is though. What happens when you get defected? Would it be a minor or major defect? And how do you clear it? Do I lose demerits?

    Before anyone has a go at me, I honestly didnt think they were illegal. I had TINY led indicators and stuff on my old DRZ and a fender eliminator and never got done....

  2. You have a defined time frame to get it sorted out before your bike is off the road.

    Whether it's a minor or major defect is largely left to the discretion of the Police officer. If its a minor, its simply a
    matter of making an appointment with RTA where a visual inspection takes place. If its a major, you need to get a RWC.

    No demerit points.

    For more details, refer to the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act 1997.

    Regulation 70: Issue of defect notices and formal warnings.
    Regulation 71: Recording, clearance and withdrawal of vehicle defect notices

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  3. thanks for the reply. no one else seems too.

    if you look at the RTA website you lose ONE point for a minor defect notice, and THREE points for a major defect notice. Which seems like a load of crap if you ask me.

    So if I get a defect, its not like I have to get the thing towed then sort out the issue?
  4. With out seeing your set up .
    Google search will help ..but blinkers must be 24cm apart ,or some thing like that ...did the research when I added smaller blinkers.
    Put your hazards on and its not 24cm apart then ..not legal as I read it.

  5. OK.

    Not if the matter is sorted out within the time frame given on the notice.

  6. Depend on where you hang out, who you hang out with and how you ride. You are not very likely to be defected just getting to work.
  7. In nsw a minor defect is the yellow sticker (or canary as they're better known as) and they give you a week or something to fix it and get it cleared by a normal pink-slipping station.

    The major defect is the red sticker and they make you tow it home. Normally that's for things like extremely bald tyres or crash damage.

    With cars you can also get sent to the EPA for noise and emissions test and recently with the really modified stuff they refer you to the HVIS which is pretty much what people used to refer to as "going over the pits", there's no getting your friend of a friend to clear it for you..

    Good times and they're still working on making it all tougher.

    Having said all that I ran a tinted integrated tail light and fender elim, rearsets, no rego label on my daytona and never got hassled, but if I did i'd only expect a canary for it.

    My tip is keep your bike clean and always have good tyres on it. Tyres are the one thing that they all know to look for and are an obvious safety concern, keeping it clean makes it look like you maintain your bike and gives the illusion of being more roadworthy than a neglected looking bike.
  8. Why would we have a go at you?
    Sounds like you fitted a useful piece of equipment that servers a purpose and looks good.

    The fact you could get defected for it is due to the rules being written and enforced by morons, not because you did anything unreasonable.

    Swapping it back or not is up to you.

    I've put over 20 thou on my current bike with a fender eliminator and aftermarket indicators on the tail (So closer than ADR spacing) with no issues so far.
  9. Rear indicators:
    i. there shall be a minimum distance of 180mm between indicator illuminating surfaces.
  10. +1. I've been riding around the streets with no rego label on my bike, on one day in front of about 4 plod cars, not one pulled me up.
  11. The GDs have waaaaaaaay more important things to do than to give motorists a hard time, you have to really do something special to get a fine from one. HWP are a different story thats there job but the ones you really gotta watch are the hwp bikes they actually get off on this stuff and will fine you six times before you got your helmet off.
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