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Defeated in a game of 'silly buggers' by a SCOOTER!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ~DadAgain~, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Friday arvo on my gentle cruise home from work, enjoying the light traffic and pleasant conditions and from out of nowhere a scooter buzzed past me.....

    I giggled - and decided I'd play along... put in a burst of acceleration and left him in my wake before realising I was in serious financial peril had any of the 'flashing light tax-office' been on patrol. So I slowed down to a reasonable amble again, comfortable in the knowledge that Mr Scoot was well behind me.

    2 minutes later and like that lone mosquito in your bedroom at night there he was again straining every sinue of his being to pass me once again.

    This time I was having a good old belly-laugh as I stayed with him and balanced my desire to roar past with my desire to stay within sight of the posted limit. He continued to give it all he could and I stayed just behind him chuckling like a mad fool until we hit a set of lights where he cruised through the limit of the yellow and left me standing.

    I'm sure a couple of pedestrians gave me a very bizarre look as I stood there laughing my ass off ( :rofl: ) whilst waiting for the lights to change.

    Thanks Mr Scoot you made my day - that was the most fun I've had in ages! :beer:
  2. are you sure he was enjoying it, while i could still split on the bike i used to have a dick on popular supersport bike do that to me a couple of times, as in i would pass him only to have him buzz me then hold me up again, ....i believe raven's sig says it all, lead/follow or ffs get the fcuk outta the way
  3. +1
    You and mr scoot should be locked up for having fun on our roads!
  4. Geee - now you've got me all feeling guilty! It didnt even occur to me that he wasnt having fun... 15,000rpm on a scooter, doing 80km in a 60 zone(down the hills - more like 60 on the uphill)... Perhaps he was just trying to get home safely?... :?

    In which case - Mr Scoot - I apologise for any concern or escalation of danger factors I may have caused you - it wasnt my intention at all.

    oh - and for the record - I never held anyone up - we had an empty 2 lane road to ourselves - he was cruising in the right lane, I was content with the left.
  5. Oh, I would'nt worry, matey..nothing wrong with a bit of a play.. :)
  6. I just don't see the humour.
    It's like pulling wings off a fly. :?
  7. Good to see your easily amused. :grin:
  8. You are lucky it wasn't an undercover highway patrol scooter.
  10. I had a scooter nod me on saturday, now that made my belly sore, haha what was he thinking i was going to nod him back? Not until he gets a real bike.
  11. LOL, I'm a scooter rider and I nod to my 'big brothers' on bikes. Majority of the time I get a nod back, occasionally I get nothing, must have been your relo's :)
  12. hahaha must off been :p:p:p Maybe even me :p:p

    My question is why did you get a scooter? Why not something same price a cbr125 it would even be quicker!!!!!
  13. Until he gets a real bike? That's funny coming from a guy on a VT :LOL:
  14. hahaha may not be the biggest cruiser on the road, but its still a bike.

    Once im on my full licence, UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Poor form there.

    I nod to all, even had a scooter rider give me a wave. I know I had a smile on my face after that. Two wheels is two wheels :wink:
  16. I know alot of people i have met on bikes who wont nod at scooters, lol they hate scooters :p
    But hey i dont hate scooters, i would rather see them then cars, at least scooter riders are aware of other bikes etc, unlike some car drivers who just merge into us :evil:
  17. I had a "race" with a CBR954 or something last night on my scooter through southbank and the CBD - it was ace!
  18. :shock: Oh noes!!! Quick quick get the lynch mob out, we have us a street racer :p :LOL:
  19. Hmmmm the old scooter v motorcycle debate. Interesting that there are scooters out now that will blow some bikes into the weeds!
    I recently had fun on an MP3, 45k corner doing 90, knee out....... makes me laugh some of the looks I get when I take a scoot for a punt! Gilera Nexus 500, Piaggio XEvo400, Burger 650, all good bits of gear and quick when ridden properly!
    But I guess some riders are too homophobic to try a scoot?!!!