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Default Clutch adjustment question?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by peterngit, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Hi, with shifting i just need to pull back pass the friction zone aye? is there a way to make the lever to not pull all the way in like it is now but just about 2-cm pass the friction zone?

    i.e making less motion for total shifting

  2. ease off throttle, change gear, dont use clutch
  3. I usually don't clutch for up shifting but I've heard downshifting can cause extra wear on the gear box. In general is it ok for the gear box to clutchless shift (assuming rev's are correct) ?
  4. I am on red p's and I just pull in the clutch a short way when upshifting.
    I just put a bit of pressure on the gear lever, quickly snap of the power, not all the way mind you, pull in the clutch slightly.

    takes a bit of practice :)
  5. How long have you been riding for?
  6. 1 day
  7. If you have adjustable levers you can do what you are asking. You can always just pull the lever in past friction point and shift you don't have to pull it all the way back to the grip
  8. Default settings suits most people most of the time. I'd leave the clutch at default settings unless there was some really compelling advantage to tinkering with it.

    Actually I'd leave the whole bike at default until I knew what I wanted from it that default can't deliver
  9. If you couldn't see anything in your mirrors would you leave them in the default position they came in from the dealer?

    i would recommend everyone tweak their bike from default to what best suits them. Lever reach and angle brake pedal height, shift lever position, suspension pre-load, tyre pressures.

    If you're not sure how to yourself get some who does or the dealer to when you pick your bike up. It will save you any discomfort from poor ergonomics, make your bike more comfortable and perhaps even easier to operate.
  10. Exactly, when you know what default can't deliver.