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Deepwater Horizon Doco

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Seen several doco's and reports on this... a lot of it was just unfathomable - I work in a related industry - it was almost incomprehensible that BP could play that far and loose with safety... especially coming off the back of the Texas disaster.
  2. Yeh I was quite surprised that given how seriously OHS and evironmental impact is taken, they just ignored all the what-if's and had no measures in place to deal with it.

    The linked doco is probably much more layman like than the ones you have seen if your in the industry rob
  3. my browser said that video has been removed

    Whether its the same one I have already watched or not.... I saw that they knew what was going to happen (the blow out, not the fire) a good 15 mins before hand but all they had no way of stopping it.
  4. still there and it's a different one. Starts with the blowout and goes from there focussing on the response.
  5. Yeah I found it pretty fascinating actually.
  6. It's nearly all prevention (and more than a little guesswork) at that depth, or even a tiny fraction of it for that matter.

    When things go pear-shaped like that you suddenly remember you're a land-mammal with far less control over things than it's species has always unfailingly been stupidly predisposed to want to think.
  7. It was a great doco, left me wondering how the 3 fail safes at the Blowout preventer failed....

    Some of the spin form the BP exec guy was pretty good too, no matter the question he was able to lead the conversation wherever he wanted it to go.