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dedicated moped lanes in Brisbane

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by XLAR8, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. so i was flipping thro the news when i come across this here

    i think if they do this then i see no problem with filtering, but hey neither are going to happen. not while government wants to pile the big bucks into bus and bicycle lanes that we cant use (this gets me i mean look at the busway through brisbane million dollar road that hardly gets used)

  2. "Mr McLindon, himself a former moped rider, said the low-speed 50cc scooters were safe and legal on local roads and could be ridden with an open car licence."

    "Mr McLindon suggested moped lanes could be separated from general traffic by a concrete barrier and lit up at night by solar panels on an overhead roof.

    He said possible roads for moped lanes included parts of the M1 near the city, the Riverside Expressway and Coronation Drive.

    “I think it really will be the mode of transport in the future, especially for all those single drivers going into town,” he said, pointing to rising cost of living."

    I hope that wasnt a serious suggestion which was actually researched with taxpayers money.
  3. I think that says it all. If a moped isn't good enough for him now, why does he think large numbers of other people will take it up as transport to work? I'm sure he found that it was no longer practical for him.

    Lots of people need to carry stuff to work, and wear a suit, and don't have changing facilities available at work, not to mention showers given you have just ridden for an hour in 40°C heat and 90% humidity. Commuting to work on a PTWer would be great, and if I could get away with it I would even consider a moped or scooter (100Km/h capable). But not everyone can, or would.

    Covered moped ways with concrete barriers to keep the bad cars away?! He hasn't thought that through well.

    I see just another attempt to get into the media.
  4. I'd like to see more general-use transit lanes, tbh. The only freeway-speed one I've found so far is the pissweak 3.4km long "bunny hop" between Klumpp Road and just after Logan Road on the M3, and I can't use that because my exit is Logan Road. :p

    All the others I've seen are on 60kph main roads and never where I want to go. ;) Car-license 50cc Mopeds can use those, though, but he's calling for a total duplication of the bicycle lane that follows the M3 into the city (and then some).

    Much rescekpt for Sydney's bus lane (read: motorcycle and scooter) network; oh how I miss thee.
  5. ... On the way to work this morning I watched a moped 'filter' between the 2 inbound lanes of traffic along Kingsford Smith Dr ...... the thing was... that the traffic was moving fairly freely at pretty much the speed limit... but this clown though it was ok to just fly down the middle indefinately

    With more and more scooters/moped/bikes on the road, there will also be more plonkers like the one I witnessed this morning.

    It's only a matter of time before the accident stats go up, and the 'filtering' crackdown begins

    ... the plonkers are easy to spot... they are usually the ones wearing thongs and a singlet listening to their ipod.
  6. I can't believe that I am reading this on a motorcycle forum. These people that think that bikes and scooters aren't transport. Sheesh.
  7. The special needs people do tend to get more attention…
  8. Yup. I see a lot more scooter riders filtering through moving traffic than bikes. Not sure why it is, other than the scooter marketing being basically along the lines of 'scooters can go up the middle'.

    Have yet to see a scooter rider wear more than a helmet for protection too.
  9. I don't get all the hate for scooters, I think that scooters are a good face to present to the media on behalf of all two wheelers. Whatever they get we will get, but they are more likely to get it with a friendlier face than the "outlaw" image that cruiser riders give or the "hoon" image of sportsbikes. It might not be true but it doesn't mean that is how the media will portray it.

    Cute girls on scooters are far more likely to get media coverage to run these causes (though this one is pretty ambitious).

    Support it because it will be good for you in the long run. Motorcycles and scooters get laughed at politically because there is so much infighting.
  10. I think you must have misunderstood what I wrote, or didn't read it properly. (Who are "These people"? Just me?) In my profession multi-day interstate trips are required, and equipment must be taken to client sites for presentations. Carrying gear to the airport on a bike, parking and flying to a client site, then setting up and presenting would be quite difficult using a motorcycle as transport. Two out of five days involve standing in front of the client's representatives presenting a business solution to their management team, often for up to eight hours, in a suit. Even if the client is in Melbourne, using a motorcycle for transportation is simply not practical, even if it is desirable.

    Many other professions have similar requirements. For them, motorcycles are not practical commuting transportation. Yes, we do think of them as transport. After all, we (I) use motorcycles for transport whenever we can.

    But the story was about 50cc mopeds, and what they get will most likely not be also given to motorcycles, or even scooters. Mopeds (at least in QLD) don't need a motorcycle licence, and are treated more like bicycles the motorcycles. As I said, I would be happy to commute on a scooter, if it was practical for my job at the time.

    Have you ever ridden a motorcycle in the Wet Season up north, or the build up to it? If you rode to work in that you aren't going to arrive all ready to face paying clients.

  11. Lots of other people manage. I ride everyday, I am not customer facing and all my staff aren't as well. There are showers on site at my office so I could do customer facing if I needed to. We have 1000s of people in my office who are all like this.

    I have ridden to the airport on a couple of occasions to go for a long weekend. I don't see it being that difficult.

    If you really want to ride the bike you will make it happen. If you are one of the weekend warriors then you won't.

    I have ridden in the monsoons of India does that count?

    I still think that it is going to be easier to support this and then get them to allow bikes on than it is to get them built for bikes in the first place.

    Just all the negativity gets to me, I probably have been harsh because of this.
  12. Great, then they can all commute on PTWers. Do you provide incentives for your staff to use a PTW?

    We all apply our own situation to ideas. In your case it works, and for me and many others it doesn't.

    Have you done it carrying a 3.5 Kg laptop, cables, powercords, a data projector and client files, brochures, documentation, etc.? In a suit, or carrying one so that it will arrive safely?

    I have done multiple week rides on my bike. It is not the same.

    That is actually pretty insulting. :(

    Only if you have to carry all the gear I mentioned, then present in a suit for hours, or at least have client facing time at the end of the ride.

    Getting back on topic:

    Personally I think putting this idea in place will reduce the space available for scooters and motorcycles (as they would be excluded), create a barrier on roads that prevent pedestrians from crossing, and create havoc at intersections, cost a heap (covered lanes with solar powered lighting!), and generally slow the movement of traffic. It is generally a bad idea.

    We aren't negative toward good ideas, such as making Filtering and maybe Splitting legal, within reason. Plus allowing PTWers to use bus and transit lanes, allowing motorcycles to overtake on single solid white lines, and a few others thrown around here occassionally. It doesn't make sense to be positive about every idea, whether it is a good idea or not, but that is what a lot of polictically correct people seem to do.
  13. If you had criticised the idea itself then I wouldnt have had an issue. If you read your first post again you will see that you said it wasn't a good idea because it was impracticle for people to commute on a ptw. To me this isnt criticising the idea of a moped lane it is criticising the idea of commuting on a PTW.

    I probably agree that the idea itself is too ambitious but read through this thread and a lot of people are attacking scooters with stereotypes rather than attacking the idea.

    I regret the mention of the weekend warrior I will edit my post.
  14. Sorry caanot edit my post because of stupid ipad.
  15. Okay my first post could be read that way you read it. Oops on my part.

    What I meant was that he used to ride a moped to work, but now he doesn't. I was questioning why he no longer used a moped, and was suggesting that he no longer found it practical, in his current public office. By extension, if he as an ex-moped rider now found it impractical, why does he expect lots of people who haven't used mopeds in the past, to take up using a moped once he provides moped only lanes, thereby justifying his new lanes?

    I know, convoluted argument. But still valid. If he was a current moped rider and suggested there lanes he would have more credibility. It would still be a bad idea though.

    PS: Don't let anyone else hear you calling an iPad stupid. They are Gods gift to the world don't you know!

  16. I do see your point, but you could argue that it is better that he is ex because it is not just someone taking an interest because of purely selfish reasons. If he was a current rider he could take advantage of the change (if it got up) but he is not and so is doing it for the greater good.

    Its a stupid idea because it would take years to implement and may not work in the end, oh and cost a fortune. Legalised lanesplitting, advanced box at traffic lights and free rego would be a much more quicker cheaper way to encourage PTW. I have been thinking that we should use the scooter to acheive those aims and just put that forward as the image to the media. The issue that I fear is that all we would hear from some vocal motorcyclists is negativity for such a campaign with the same tired cliches.

    Re ipad yeah I know if I get run off the road tomorrow I know that the fanbois spotted it.