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Decisions.. YZF-R6 vs CBR1000RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JXD, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I've been struck with two good deals and I can't decide 8-[

    Simply put, I can get a R6 $3-$4k less than a CBR1000RR. I love both bikes but I can't get a grip on which would be the better bike for me.

    Experience aside: I'm 20, 5'9" and weigh 70kg.

    My dilemma lies that if I get the R6, I would probably be spending $1-2k on getting it to my "bling" standards; putting single tone (simple) fairings on, an exhaust, levers and what not. The deal i'm getting for a CBR however is $3-4k more, has a slip on exhaust and most the colour scheme options are quite simple already (though I will probably get carried away and spend a little money on this bike as well).

    I want to move away from the ricer head turner colour schemes on my previous MC22 and ride a cleaner looking bike.

    So the R6 or CBR? $3k for me is a holiday, mortgage money, pleasure money... etc.

    Suggestions please? Will I be happy with the R6 or will I regret it and wish I had the CBR?
  2. A dilemma it is -

    What kind of rider do you believe you are or want to be?

    What (MY) is each bike - how many km's - how well have they been treated? - Lots of Q's...

    All things being equal - I'd pick the Yammy - but hey, that's just me....

  3. Figure out how much money the bling is going to cost you.

    but id go the CBR and don't go overboard with the bling.. if you want to ride a cleaner looking bike..

    but look at all the more important details rather than the bling, klms,condition,age etc..
    and get which one has been well maintained.
  4. Get a Hayabusa and put a turbo on it.
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  5. Both 2008 and around 8000km's on the clock.

    If I get the CBR, I'd only change the levers & if I got the R6: exhaust + tune, fairings, levers, frame sliders and a black seat. In the end, looking at parts and labour I still save about $2k

    Both bikes are practically standard, garaged and well maintained.

    My decision is difficult =[
  6. Get a Daytona 675! :p

    Have you ridden both? If so, go for the one you enjoy the most, no amount of bling will change the ride (within reason - you know what I mean).

    Sounds like CBR is the way to go
  7. The 1000 will cost a lot more on insurance, so dont forget about that.

    I would buy the r6 if you dont like it, sell it. Buying bikes is the best bit. Though i wouldnt buy that one, i would look for another that has close to the bling you want.
  8. +1 on not forgetting about insurance, Vertical C beat me to it.

    Honestly, having ridden both for test rides when I was choosing mine, I'd probably go for the R6.
  9. r6 for the inner revhead 1000 for the fast bike thats very user friendly
    pick what you want it for vs the type of riding you will do
  10. Bling is not that much $$$ if you shop around

    Changing the fairings will be the big $$
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  11. +1 for turbo busa.

    after much careful consideration and deliberation apon your specific needs and requirements.
    is definately the bike for you.
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