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Decisions, decisions...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Choofalong, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Ran into an Uncle not seen in long time over the new Year, got to chatting about my getting into Riding. Good times, but then he just BLEW MY MIND! :-s8-[

    The long and short of it comes to this: both he and his missus are DEADSET against Motorbikes in general, but they also knew they wouldn't be talking me out of it. So, to put their mind at ease (his words), he would make a deal: If I would stay UNDER 250cc until I get my Green P's, and complete a couple certain riding classes, he would match me DOLLAR for DOLLAR, to go towards a Newer or better bike to upgrade then! :eek::beer::cool:

    I was originally planning on just getting a 125cc, yes... but wasn't planning on keeping it for 15 MONTHS or more!... Well, at least 14 months and 19 days, but who's keeping EXACT count here, anyways?!?](*,)](*,)

    So... I hit the net, had a look around trying to find something a little tougher then the ol' 125's that might give a **TINY** bitmore excitement after the whole begginer part. I came across the http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/honda_crf_230_l_2008.php and thought I might be on to something. There a couple other brands that have similar sized bikes, but 1 thing seemed to be lacking for all that I have come across... Any indication that it is LAMS approved!:busting::-({|=

    Soooo: Anyone know if what the RTA site says:

    All motorcycles with an engine capacity under 260ml are approved with the exception of:

    Suzuki - RGV250
    Kawasaki - KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
    Honda - NSR250
    Yamaha - TZR250
    Aprila - RS250

    Actually hold true? Providing it has all the appropriate Items such as Mirrors, Blinkers and Lights, what are my chances of gatting one Registered for Road use **For a Learner**, even if sold as an "Enduro/Off-roader"?

    Is considering something like this Viable as an Option? The Dollar for Dollar deal is a pretty damn good one, that I'd not like to pass up: I'll be definatly be giving a shot at meeting his terms, even on a 125!! Having said that, I might get ON one, and think it's not worth the wait for an upgrade, lol

    Thanks for your time, and I hope 2012 is going as well for you as it has been for me, so far!
  2. Seeing as the CRF230L is a 223cc 4-stroke machine, I don't see any problem. The bikes on the LAMS exception list are 2-stroke smokers, hence why they are there. Looking at BikeSales, there are a few listed (QLD, WA & VIC) of which at least one of the QLD and the VIC bikes are currently showing as being registered. (Heck, one stated in his ad "perfect for a ride through the paddock or a trip down to Bunnings".)

    BTW. The CRF230L is touted by Honda as being an agricultural bike, not an enduro.
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  4. Uncles offering tasty carrots for responsibly doing extra courses are the best sort :eek:
  5. If you like that style of bike and are after something LAMS approved I would go for a Suzuki DRZ400 in an of its variants (SM,E,S). Much better bike than the Honda and will keep you entertained if you are keeping it for a while.
  6. Mate, I'd go for a CBR250R or RR... they are becoming reasonably priced and are very tough (if old) bikes. They look good to most people and ride very well, too. They are 248cc and have 40~45hp at the crank which will boost you to an electronically limited speed of 180km/h.

    They are great bikes... but the downside is they are fairly physically small. If you are over 6ft then you might not like them, but otherwise look into them. They are well worth having and will even do freeway work easily which is a big sticking point of <250cc bikes... they generally will not cruise at anything approaching a decent clip. I cruised my CBR250R at 130kmh indicated and after a thrash through the twisties it still returned 4.3L/100km fuel economy :)

    Anywho, just my passionate 2c

    Cheers - boingk
  7. Appreciate the advice Boingk: I actually picked up my 1983 Honda CM250 2 days ago: I've also started another thread to Chronical what been happening.


    My Baby's only got 17 Horses (or did have when new) and apparently only has top speed of 107 Kph: but, she gets up to 80 just fine with me on her, including on some fairly steepish hills, so I am cheering :D

    I can definatly see the appeal for larger bikes, but i am very pleased with my choice: she choofs along very nicely :D