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decisions, decisions.. which bike to keep?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by srsbsns, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. So I currently have an 08 Suzuki SV650 ABS

    and a 92 Honda CBR250RR.

    Both bikes are awesome and have their pros and cons. Ideally I would like to keep both of them, but a baby is on the horizon and my wife says one has to go :(

    History: Both bikes are pretty straight, Both have done approx 30 thou kms.

    Looks: CBR = sex on wheels.

    Sound: equally awesome. The SV is throaty and the CBR inline 4 sounds like a F1 car.

    Performance: SV bigger and faster with a grunty v-twin, but CBR is a performance machine that red-lines at 19,000 rpm.

    Age: SV wins, much newer.

    Reliability: SV purely based on it's age. Honda & Suzuki both reliable japs.

    Commuting: CBR is nimble and light, good for short distances.

    Touring: SV is better on highways and has givi boxes top and sides

    Fun factor: I would have to say the CBR wins in this category because it's a supersport

    Weekend twisties: CBR hands down

    Safety: Much of a muchness.. the SV has ABS but the CBR is much lighter.

    The only downside to the CBR is that it is a grey import, but who really cares?

    So even when I compare them I am stuck. I want to keep them both. any recommendations out there? Maybe I need to speak to a relationships counselor instead? :-({|=

  2. I would do this :)
  3. If it was me I would say the SV...

    It's probably more versatile than the CBR especially if you want to do a longer trip - the extra power and lazy v-twin would be much more suitable.

    A naked v-twin 650 is a middle-of-the-road, do anything kind of bike. You might miss the edginess of the CBR on the twisties, but the SV will still be fun.
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  4. SV hands down
  5. wife and baby must go
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  6. ^ LOVE IT......wish I'd said that
  7. First it's "one bike".
    Then, she'll keep you busy for months with preparations and then the baby.
    After a while it'll be "you hardly even ride it any more..."
    And before too long you'll have a Marrickville towie offering to make introductions, and another mate willing to lend you a few grand...
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  8. Took the words right outta my mouth.

    As for the topic at hand, whilst I reckon the SV is an incredibly uninspiring bike and the CBR is my favourite 250 4 stroke bike of all time, I reckon the SV is the one to keep. - It is far more practical than the CBR and better for longer trips. I note that you have luggage racks on your SV and I'm guessing you actually use them.
  9. Why must one go? Financial reasons?
    Surely they do not take up too much space.

    I had to sell a bike a while ago when I had 2. I still miss that bike every week. Regret selling it.
    You seem to really like them both, so do as much as possible to keep them both.
  10. Yeah it is basically financial reasons/guilt trip. I think I will just do extra shifts to keep her happy. Maybe I will make her read this thread so she recognises that an option is wife and baby must go :)
  11. I'd keep the little 'blade. You might not have much time for touring or whatever when the baby arrives, but a quick blast through the mountains on the weekend...

    Or, y'know. Just keep both.
  12. Your marriage is nobody else's business, however you've chosen to display this aspect of it and invite comments on your choices, so I'm not overstepping the boundary when I say this (assuming that what you've hinted at is the basically how things are). I don't have any respect for 'the wife made me' rhetoric people use (I feel rather a physical, moral and spiritual aversion to it). Guilt trips are not valid. Don't turn around in 20 years time and complain that your ex made you give up the things you love and devote yourself to serving a function. In terms of what you're hinting at, it is you letting her engage in this dynamic with you. If it were me, in the situation you've hinted at, I'd be explaining to her that I'm keeping my bikes and she can like or hate the fact, that's her problem. So many men (so many people) give in to a dodgy dynamic and then later claim victim status, whereas they originally chose to give up their responsibility for their choices and purposiveness and in their later claims to victimhood they're still doing that. In fact you both need to be asserting boundaries with each other and negotiating without any 'guilt' BS or nonsense about 'what one does when a baby comes along'. Or maybe it's not really the wife, maybe that's an evasive excuse, and you feel you should sell one just because a baby's coming along. Should you really?

    Or is there no real 'wife guilted me' nonsense and you just need the cash? In which case I'd ditch the boy racer CBR and keep the man's bike.
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  13. mate sell em both get a shit box hyundai, fleabay the riding gear, and trade up to woollen cardigans.

    in twenty years time buy a battery powered harley, and do the black spur at 20 ks an hour in your inflatable michelin man suit

    option one i would say

    option 2

    trade em both in and get somthing decent like a 750 puss bucket and suck it up mate house and kids time is at least 15 years of crap bikes and evey trick in the book to keep em running

    option 3

    Win tatts

    Option 4 there is no option 4
  14. Sell neither and buy another
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  15. Sell the wife.
  16. There is always another way to find the money or put off what that money is for.

    If it is the wife trying to guilt you into it, does she really understand how you feel about motorcycling? Would you be as happy as a partner/father if you did not have your bikes.

    It is much easier to explain that you wish to keep your 2 bikes, than it is to sell one now only to try and explain why you need to buy another one down the track.
  17. The real question is:
    Which bike should I give to my wife/child
  18. Well, you won't get nearly as much for the CBR. What do these things normally go for? 2-3 grand?
  19. Why do women do this? It annoys me.

    Babies aren't so expensive that you can't afford to have a second motorcycle in the garage. They're actually relatively cheap up until they hit daycare. And it's not like it costs you anything if you don't register one.

    Do you dictate to her what she can and can't have?
  20. Tell her that you'll sell a bike when she sells half her shoes.
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