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Decisions, decisions: VTR250 or V25

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Well I've FINALLY got enough cash together to start looking at bikes in earnest. :D

    Originally was looking at getting an XVS250 but had a ride of two and the feeling while cornering put me off. While falling isn't the right word it's the name my brain put to the sensation and while I'm sure I'd get used to it that's another distraction a learner does not need on his first days out.

    This brings me to the V25 (or VT250C...what is the correct name anyway?) and VTR250 Hondas. I've ridden, and loved, both bikes but having sat around for damn near 3 weeks I still can't make up my mind on which to go for and was looking for some input/a kick in the pants. :LOL:

    I'll be commuting to a 9 to 5 job every day this year and uni next and a lot of my riding will be short distance which has me leaning towards the VTR250. However I'm planning to do some SERIOUSLY long trips (Sydney, Adelaide and maybe Perth if I get a chance and can carry enough fuel) which I would be much more comfortable on the V25 and trips as far as St Leonards, Philip Island, Euroa etc. would be fairly common. Also on a purely looks basis I tend to like the cruiser style but lean angle can be fun too.

    Does anyone have any comments to make about either bike? I've been told both are damn reliable but was wondering if anyone could let me know what sort of mileage they get in the real world, how well they'll cruise at freeway speeds and any problems they've heard about or encountered with their own rides.

    Finally is their anything special I should look out for when buying a second hand one of either apart from the usual stuff?
  2. i owned a v25 custom for about 3months. :D

    it was a fun cruiser i will admit, and i gave it a strap through the twisties every week. not much footpeg left when i sold it.

    i didnt have a worry at all with it mechanically. u could rev the ringer out of it and couldnt hurt the twin engined beast. only had problems with water in the carburetter.

    but....... i found it very lacking iin performance. sure it looked good, had a nice rumble to it (until the hardlys pulled up next to you :oops: )
    but u didnt have much hope of overtaking someone over 120clicks. only on a downhill. heres the specs for the bike

    compare it to the specs of the other bike say the vtr

    horsepower counts. thats my 2 cents. test ride the bike on the highway and see if youre comfortable with the performance of the bike.

    ps: i did about 4000kms on the bike, rode every day on it. great around town, and did a trip from the goldcoast to grafton on it, pretty comfortably :) just got sick of polishing alll the chrome :wink:
  3. Well, I have the VTR and if you want to do twisties you need the peg clearance. If you just want to cruise then the V25 might be a better option.

    I am very happy with the VTR, it sounds great and has enough power for a learner to get into trouble. The comfort factor on the VTR is quite good, went riding yesterday for 5 hours over 200 k's and no sore arse etc. just a bit stuffed all over.

    There's a couple of pics on my website of the bike with the megacycle exhaust. Link to site http://www.directprint.com.au/res/sites/bike_catalog/
  4. I rode both of these when MTA used them for training rather than the current batch of CB250s that they have now. I liked the VTR250, very good off the line, very comfortable for a taller rider and felt reasonably stable. the V25 I could never get used to the feet forward position. Admit that some people are comfortable with it and like it, but as you said with the XV250 I always felt like I was going to fall off it when going into a turn.
    One problem I've found with the VTR is that it holds its value extremely well. A real advantage when you come to sell it but not so good if you're buying on a budget. Not uncommon to find these bikes two to three years old and only $1-2k below new price.
  5. Interesting pragnasty. I was under the impression that both bikes had the same engine. Is that not the case or is that 5 HP made up by the different exhausts?
  6. Have you thought about the VT250 Spada? Was the precursor to the VTR250, is a grey import, but you can pick one up for about 2-3k less than the VTR. The link in my sig has pics and data about the Spada...
  7. What sort of money are you paying for insurance on the Spada?
  8. Insurance?

    I'm a 24 y/o male with my L's and no drivers licence/driving history. No, insurance is way outta my league.
  9. Not even 3rd party?
  10. You will SERIOUSLY reconsider any interstate trip once you purchase a 250, any 250 for that matter. You will have to crank them open at full bore and leave them there for highway work which will result in you being fatigued quite early on in your journey, not to mention you will be relegated to tail ending trucks as most 250's wont have the roll on acceleration at highway speeds for safe overtaking.

    Buy what will suit the majority of your needs, and leave the big trips for when you upgrade. BTW my previous bike was the VT250C, I did around 16000km in 12months, it was a reasonable ride, and a very reliable bike, however it was certainly no long distance machine, perhaps just a boulevard cruiser would best describe it, IMHO with everyday commuting on your agenda you should go the VTR250
  11. Got CTP of course, couldn't tell you how much as it was done by the dealer as part of the on road package.

    Got a quote for Third Party Property which would cover damage to other peeps cars etc., was around $400.

    The Comp. quote I got was in excess of $1200 :eek: , so that flew out the window.

    Would like to get Third Party Fire & Theft, but I can't find anyone who wants to do it for bikes...
  12. I'm getting quoted comp of about $2k on either as a 22 year old. Third party fire and theft I can get for about $350 so it would only be maybe $100 more for me I'd be guessing.

    Definitely makes them worth a look.
  13. Which insurer did the fire & theft? I'd be willing to pay that...
  14. I think Swann do 3rd party fire/theft.
    Either that or it's QBE.
  15. Don't have my notes but it was either Swann or QBE...think QBE.
  16. Swann did fire and theft for me, no third party. I wasn't able to ride the bike as I didn't have my L's. It was sitting in the shed for a month, insured for agreed value. $300 from memory. When I got my L's, I cancelled this policy and transferred it too a fully comprehensive with them.
  17. Are Swann national or just in Mexico? The only time I've ever heard of them is when you guys are discussing insurance??
  18. swann are underwritten by cgu as far as i remember
  19. Ruling out the seriously long hauls (most of them will be via the scenic route anyway) would the VTR still be a sizably better choice if I'm heading as far as Philip Is, St Leonards etc or will the V25 cope ok at that sort of range?
  20. hey linenoise i think the engines are the same by those specs, but the vtr is about 30kgs lighter. that should count. mate id go for the vtr. that should count for more power to weight ratio as well.

    vtr: Power/weight ratio: 0.2286 HP/kg
    v25:power/weight ratio: 0.1579 HP/kg

    but ..... each to his/her own :wink: